20 Most Valuable Super Nintendo Games

You might be wondering, are SNES games worth collecting? If you consider the prices of the most valuable Super Nintendo games and how they’ve clearly skyrocketed up in price in recent years, the answer is an astounding YES!

Gamers all over the world have a particular place in their hearts for the Super Nintendo, often known as SNES. When it was first released in the early 1990s, this legendary gaming system exposed us to a huge collection of amazing games.

Every game, from platformers that defined generations to legendary action-adventure and role-playing games, featured distinct gameplay and engrossing narratives.

Due to their low initial sales or restricted production runs, several Super Nintendo games become rare over time. The demand for these vintage games soared as committed collectors and enthusiasts looked to preserve gaming history.

Certain cartridges gained enormous value as a result of the confluence of nostalgia and rarity, making them highly prized collectibles.


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20. Ninja Gaiden Trilogy

Most Valuable Super Nintendo Games Ninja Gaiden Trilogy

This action-packed series, which debuted on the NES, quickly gained popularity thanks to its demanding gameplay, compelling plot, and endearing protagonist, Ryu Hayabusa. All three of the iconic NES games were updated and improved for the 16-bit SNES, which was launched in 1995.

The limited production run of the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy is one of the main causes of its rarity. The SNES was towards the end of its lifecycle when it debuted in 1995, and the emphasis in gaming had turned to newer platforms. Because of this, the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy’s cartridge production was less than that of several other well-known SNES games.

The Nintendo World Championships ’94 were a gaming extravaganza unlike any other and were the product of Nintendo’s marketing prowess. Town tournaments took place on customised trailers that were placed in front of department stores. In a unique Game Pak challenge, competitors competed to complete three popular Super Nintendo Entertainment System games in a constrained six minutes.

Local competitions spanned three action-packed days, culminating in thrilling finals on late Sunday afternoons. The top eight finalists emerged from an intense battle, setting the stage for the ultimate showdown.

Currently, there are only two surviving cartridges among the original 33. The remaining ones were sent back to Nintendo and repurposed for their components. Reportedly, one of the cartridges was listed for auction on myebid with a fixed buy it now price of $300,000, but unfortunately, no bidders came forward.


To answer the question, will SNES go up in value? We’ve clearly presented that the Super Nintendo has brought some of the most expensive SNES games to date. The library of Hagane, Aero Fighters or even the more obscure titles like the Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartridge will continue to climb in prices. Making it unaffordable to those who are looking to casually complete a full SNES collection.

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