Best 90s Toys That Only 90s Kids Understand!

We all know the 90s was a decade of many wonders and joy. One of the things that we loved the most was our toys. They were so much fun and they were so different from what we have today.

The 90s were such an incredible time for kids as we would get to watch our favorite TV shows, play with our favorite toys, and enjoy an entire decade without any worries or responsibilities.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game

After gaining extreme popularity in the 90s from the trading card phenomenon in Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh was a competitor game that was incredibly similar to the gotta catch em all craze. Some of these cards are still worth a small fortune!

We hope you enjoyed our list of best 90s toys. The nineties was such a great time in pop culture, with countless great movies, toys and video games to choose from. If you agreed with our list or think something was missed, feel free to let us know on Twitter!

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