Expensive Sega Genesis Games, That Are Worth A Fortune!

You might be wondering what Sega Genesis games are worth money.

Before you all go running away to your attic or garage, hoping that not for resale copy of Sonic The Hedgehog is going to put your kids through college that was packed in with your Sega Genesis upon launch. Sega Genesis games have gotten more and more rare of the years. Some could fetch upwards of $30,000!

The pricing of these Mega Drive games is as of Feb 2023 and can vary depending on price fluctuations in the retro gaming market. We’ll do our best to let you know what sega genesis games are worth money.


From the highly talented people over at Factor-5 that brought to you the amazing Rogue Squadron series, bringing you a fantastic adventure platforming game Mega Turrican. You’ll get to pickup various powerups and can morph into a ball to drop bombs ala Samus of the Metroid franchises.

Mega Turrican is both rare and good so finding a copy won’t come easy. With some of the best sounds the Sega Genesis has to offer, picking up a copy will set you back $100 for a loose copy.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the rarest Sega Genesis games. We hope we gave you a good understanding when it comes to how much are old Sega Genesis games worth.

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