25 Best SNES ROM Hacks You Should Play Today!

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is still one of the most cherished gaming consoles.

Although the SNES’s original library of games is large, some gamers have created their own, or ROM hacks, versions of well-known titles. This has given us endless hours in front of that CRT.

You might be asking yourself what are the best ROM hacks? Well, we have you covered with a ton of great options for the Super Nintendo!


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Please remember that downloading ROMS may be illegal depending on where you live in the world and what the status of the copyright that belongs to the game.

While we cannot provide a link to the ROMS necessary to run these hacks, we’ll share a link to where you can find the patch.

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25. New Super Mario World

Best SNES ROM Hacks New Super Mario World

The stunning aesthetic direction of New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS serves as an inspiration for New Super Mario World.

The game’s modern graphics give the well-known landscapes of the Mushroom Kingdom a fresh look.

You’re totally transported into a world that seems both new and familiar thanks to the overhauled visuals, which feature vivid colours and intricate character animations.

The latest version also features a charming musical composition that honours classic songs from numerous games on multiple platforms. As you set out on new adventures with Mario, get ready for a symphony of nostalgia.

The expertly designed soundtracks that accompany each level add to the immersive gameplay experience and evoke pleasant memories of earlier Mario games.

In conclusion, SNES rom hacks provide us with fresh and fun ways to breath new life into your old favourites again and discover almost new games that were previously inaccessible because of language barriers.

Rom hacks provide a special and innovative solution, whether you’re sick of playing the same game over and over or just want a new spin on an old favourite.

We are lucky to be able to experience the passion and commitment of the modding community, who have given old games new life. Hence, if you enjoy retro gaming, don’t be scared to delve into the huge and amazing world of SNES rom hacks.

You never know what entirely new adventures you’ll experience simply by running a patch over your favourite Super Nintendo game.

How To Hack SNES Games

While it may be easy to some for how to hack SNES games, other may not find it rather straight forward.

Luckily we’re able to provide some basic instructions on how to accomplish this yourself:

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