Top 10 Best CRT TVs For Retro Gaming In 2023

Want to experience all of your favorite classic gaming on the best CRT TVs intended for retro gamers?

These older games weren’t exactly designed to look great on your 60″ 4k widescreen TV like you can go out and buy from your local big box store. TVs were no more than 36″ in most cases.

CRT TVs produced some great color images, something younger kids won’t even believe until they saw one.

If you’re ready for a good search for retro gaming greatness, here here the perfect monitors for your retro gaming setups and ones that will pop out and grasp your attention!

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1. Sony Trinitron KV-27FS120

Sony Trinitron KV-27FS120 Best CRT Retro Gaming

This retro gaming beast has a variety of different inputs from S-Video, Composite as well as component that can all handle the variety of 240p signals that your retro games support.

It’s a bit on the larger side at 27″ and weighs a whopping  98 lbs!

Retro gaming aficionados are always on the hunt for the Toshiba AF, which can also be referred to as the Toshiba 14AF45.

This CRT television is great for it’s insane picture quality and overall great compatibility for retro gaming.

Giving you an amazing ability to receive a native 240p signal that your favorite consoles will take such as the Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo.

CRTs give you a fantastic set of colors, deep blacks, crisp pictures with razor sharp scanlines.

The Toshiba AF is a retro gaming TV you won’t want to miss out on!


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best CRTs for retro gaming.

Please remember that these come in a wide variety, from big CRT televisions to small ones.

Some of us won’t have the space for a massive Sony Hi Scan model and might opt for a PVM that can save us some well needed space but still deliver those crisp scanlines that we have all grown to love.

How Do I Connect My Old Console to a CRT TV?

Classic consoles will not offer a HDMI port at the back in order to plug into a CRT.

In terms of quality (worst to best), you’ll need either a composite (yellow), S-Video, Component (Red, Blue, Green) or SCART (RGB) input.

Most of these consoles will come with either composite or S-Video, RGB cables can be ordered from  RetroGamingCables

What is a CRT TV?

A cathode-ray tube television is commonly called a picture tube. CRTs have been replaced by flat panel displays such as LCD, Plasma and OLED.

For gaming, CRT TVs offer low input lag resulting in faster reaction time for retro gamers!

CRT TVs are the only way you can play light gun games like Duck Hunt or use of the Super Scope on the Super Nintendo!

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