PC Controllers for Emulators | What Controllers Are The Best For Retro Gaming?

Choosing the right controller for your favorite retro gaming experience is key to making you feel like you’re sitting there during the glory days in front of your CRT. Sure the televisions have gotten larger and thinner, but nothing beats holding that piece of shiny plastic for some 16 bit nostalgia. Many new age controllers have clunky analog sticks or button placements that don’t suit the simplicity of your favorite retro games.


INNEXT SNES USB Retro Controllers

These INNEXT controllers won’t be winning any awards for cutting edge designs or build quality but they offer an incredible value for the buck. Coming in at only $10 you’ll get a pack of 2 SNES clone style controllers that work great for a magnitude of 2d games. These are great for someone on a budget who doesn’t have any controllers to begin with and just wants to start out with their retro gaming experience.

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