Best Metroid ROM Hacks Ever Created

Fans of the series have taken comfort in the realm of Metroid ROM hacks while the Metroid Prime 4 release date is still very well up in the air.

Some of the best speedrunners chose the Metroid franchise as their go to for their craft.

Imagine yourself being able to explore additional levels and using new elements that weren’t in the original games is one of the main benefits of these hacks.

Also, a lot of these hacks present special gameplay features and difficulties that heighten the experience’s complexity and depth.

Fans can renew their affection for the series and take part in fresh, thrilling adventures by delving into the realm of Metroid ROM hacks.

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Super Metroid Redesign

Super Metroid Redesign

A Super Metroid rom hack called Metroid: Redesign was made by Drewseph with help from Kejardon, MathOnNapkins, and Jathys for the bulk of the coding.

This hack features a huge Planet Zebes with lots of mysteries to discover, and it completely overhauls Super Metroid.

The remnants of the once-proud civilisation that the Chozo species left behind have taken great care to protect the secret they have left behind.

The game’s linear gameplay is difficult, and players frequently feel as though they are lacking a powerup that would complete their arsenal. Samus is no longer an unstoppable badass; instead, she is constantly battling her environment.

With gravity feeling heavy and adversaries offering major impediments, the physics can be difficult.

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