15 Best Zelda ROM Hacks of All Time

While you might be waiting patiently for the Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom release date, we’ve brought to you the best Zelda ROM hacks that will tie you over for days to come.

The Legend of Zelda gives you exciting gameplay that will make you want to come back for more each time you give it a go.

Playing the same game repeatedly, though, could get boring after a while, as even the most diehard series fans must concede.

Fortunately, the modding community has come to the rescue with a range of Zelda Rom hacks that offer fresh viewpoints on classic games.

In the world of Rom hacks, there is something for every Zelda fan to appreciate, from difficult puzzle alterations to entire remakes of favorite games.

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Best Zelda Rom Hacks LTTP MSU-1

Let’s start off this list of the best Zelda ROM hacks with a unique take that doesn’t alter the gameplay in any way but encorporates the epic CD quality audio into the SNES ROM.

You’ll really feel the iconic sounds of the trumpets and orchestra sound quality throughout the entire game.

They were also able to stick some really cool 256 color full motion videos into the SNES. Imagine that, adding some serious depth to the overall gameplay of one of the Super Nintendo’s best games ever!

We had a blast playing through Goddess of Wisdom all the way through. Although the problems were complex and took some thought, none of them seemed very challenging.

We thought the blue and orange orbs brought a lot of originality to the game. The Heart Pieces were simple to locate, particularly if you took the time to look around.

There was no possible way to just snooze your way through the Dungeons since they were so imaginative and demanded your whole attention.

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8. Conker’s High Rule Tail

Conker's High Rule Tail

Originally intended as a spiritual sequel to Parallel Worlds, this project has subsequently grown to be much more. This unofficial follow-up to the M-rated video game Conker’s Bad Fur Day features all of the crass humor and popular culture allusions that the game’s fans have grown to adore. It is, however, certified “AO for Adults Only” because of the mature material.

You’ll be able to anticipate discovering new dungeons and planets while solving challenges that are similar to those in Zelda games. Ten different playable characters, new equipment and upgrades, and a brand-new beginning with Star Wars inspiration are all included. The game also has five distinct endings and an enormous MSU-1 soundtrack with almost 100 songs in all.

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