The Best Video Game Soundtracks – You Should Be Listening To!

When it comes to the wonderful world of video games, it’s not only about the colorful graphics, epic storylines and amazing gameplay. The music and impressive sound effects play a fantastic role in drawing players into the settings of each of these games. From the chiptune music of the 8-bit era, to the orchestrations that are present with CD quality audio.


Mega Man 2 (1988) – Takashi Tateishi

Chiptune soundtracks are an acquired taste. Some fell in love with the sounds the moment they popped that cartridge in. Others needed to give it a few listens before they could enjoy the quality produced.

The way Mega Man’s hair blows in the wind as the opening intro blasts through your speakers sets the tone for things to come. The way that Dr Wily’s castle stage plays throughout the background leading up to an epic boss battle is simply marvelous. Yes, this feels more like a rock album than what Tateishi was used to as an orchestra sound designer. We thanked Capcom for making this decision as it’s simply fantastic.


These soundtracks have become famous for what the games represent and have stood the greatest testament of time. They have been countlessly remixed, covered and replayed by fans alike.

The elements of sound play such an important part in the game’s ability to deliver. The games we’ve covered in our list of the best video game soundtracks will continue to be enjoyed by fans of music for decades to come.

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