The Best NES Platformers that are worth your time!

The 80s were a supreme time when the Nintendo Entertainment System made massive waves in the video game industry. Mario mania was everywhere, from commercials to magazines and even cereals.

The biggest genre of games released on the NES was the platformer games. It was almost the first home console to ever release a platformer game in Super Mario Bros.


1. Super Mario Bros 3

If you had to start off a NES game collection and can only choose one game, you should be choosing Super Mario Bros 3. Not only is it one of the games you can find for cheap, it’s also an extremely quality platforming game.

Each of the 90 levels are entirely unique. Bringing a new theme and new powerups as you progress throughout the worlds. Our favorite was the Tanooki Suit which let’s Mario not only fly, but being able to transform into a statue that lets you avoid enemies.

Super Mario Bros 3 is an excellent experience from end to end. You can’t go wrong with Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES.

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