Arcade Hidden Gems, 10 Best Games For Mame!

Street Fighter 2 Arcade

When it comes to arcade games, quite a few come to mind. We have the fighters street fighter and Mortal Kombat the beat ’em ups Double Dragon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Final Fight. You have your NBA jam your WWF Wrestlemania. There’s the shmups 1942 or R-Type.

But what if you’re looking for something different, something that’s seemingly, right under your nose. In today’s article you’ll find out ten hidden gems on the arcade that you should check out.


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10. Night Slashers

Night Slashers

Up first we have

Up next is Violent Storm. Generic gang members, stealing of a girlfriend, yada yada. Konami did a fantastic job with Violent Storm.

The sprites are huge, there wasn’t any noticeable slowdown when making my way through the single player mode. The level design is fairly generic as you would expect from a beat em up. Oh a subway station, I haven’t seen that before! The characters are adequate, You have wade who’s clearly a ripoff of Billy from Double Dragon. Finally Boris who resembles Chicago Bull’s fan favorite Dennis Rodman.

The soundtrack is so upbeat, I’m surprised there was some wacky lyrics going on. Surprisingly enough, it was catchy, give it a listen. There was also a really unique boss that goes by Mr. Julius. He’s some sort of ancient body builder that comes to life after being cast away as a statue. Every time I would lose a life he would taunt me by saying beauty is power! Violent storm gets everything right in a beat ’em up.

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