Top 30 Best Multiplayer NES Games, Ranked

Welcome, fellow gamers, to an exciting journey back in time when pixels ruled the virtual realm and gaming meant gathering around a single screen with your friends or family. Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of multiplayer NES games, where nostalgia meets innovation and competition takes on a whole new level of fun.

Remember those good old days when we didn’t need the internet to connect with others in gaming adventures? That’s right! The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) brought us an unforgettable collection of multiplayer games that not only entertained but also fostered unforgettable memories and bonds. In this blog post, we’ll explore the magic of multiplayer NES games, the thrill of classic titles, and how these gems continue to influence modern gaming experiences.

Get ready to dust off your controllers and immerse yourself in the world of 8-bit graphics and chiptune soundtracks. Whether you’re a seasoned NES enthusiast or a newcomer eager to explore gaming’s roots, we’ve got you covered. Let’s travel back in time and uncover the timeless charm of multiplayer NES games that still captivate the hearts of gamers across generations.


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30. Ice Climber

Best Multiplayer NES Games Ice Climber

Because to its straightforward yet addictive gameplay and appealing characters, Ice Climber, a multiplayer NES game, quickly became popular after its 1985 release. The video game, which was created by Nintendo, introduces us to Popo and Nana, our brave Ice Climbers, in a frozen wonderland.

Their objective?

To climb the perilous icy summits and recover the taken crops from a cunning condor.

Ice Climber may initially appear to be just another platform game, but its appeal comes from the way its simple concepts draw players in. In order to reach the top, you must masterfully hop, break down obstacles with your dependable hammer, and avoid bothersome adversaries. The problem? When the screen glides upward, there is a tremendous sense of urgency that intensifies your rise.

The simplicity of the game is deceptively addictive. You’ll keep coming back for more as you and your pals (yep, it’s multiplayer!) compete to be the first to reach the summit.

29. Balloon Fight

Best Multiplayer NES Games Balloon Fight

Balloon Fight can be played by people of all ages and ability levels because its mechanics are simple to understand. Don’t be fooled by its apparent simplicity, though; hidden beneath its endearing graphics is a captivating and surprisingly sophisticated experience. You will encounter numerous enemies and obstacles that will put your reflexes and manoeuvring skills to the test as you float through the air, flapping your arms to maintain height.

Balloon Fight’s multiplayer mode is where it really excels. Bring a buddy, a sibling, or even a friendly rival, and get ready for nail-biting head-to-head combat. The gameplay’s rapid-fire nature keeps the suspense levels high because you never know when a surprise balloon-popping frenzy may break out and completely change the course of the game!

28. Gyronmite

Best Multiplayer NES Games Gyronmite

When it comes to sheer nostalgic enjoyment, Gyronmite is one of those undiscovered treasures that may not be as well-known as some of the heavy hitters like Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda. This 1985 release from Bandai, which also developed and distributed the game, immediately won over fans of the NES.

Imagine that you and a friend are playing as Gyro and Mite, two cute insects. You each have a controller in your hands. The game’s story hinges around preserving their insect community from an approaching calamity, so you can already tell it’s going to be an exciting ride.

27. Joust

Best Multiplayer NES Games Joust

Joust’s innovative gameplay makes it a genuinely distinctive and compelling game. This game uses physics-based principles to replicate the sensation of flying on a large bird, unlike normal side-scrolling shooters. The controls are deceptively simple, letting you to outmanoeuvre your opponents by gliding through the air, flapping your wings, and building momentum.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Joust is its multiplayer mode. Gather your friends or challenge your family members to engage in thrilling aerial battles together. This NES 2 player game experience adds a whole new dimension to the game, as you strategize, outwit, and, of course, joust your way to victory. When you fight to become the genuine champion of the sky, be ready for cheering, laughter, and friendly banter.

26. Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

Best Multiplayer NES Games Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers

Snap a Polaroid of this: Chip and Dale, two courageous chipmunks with good hearts and a firm commitment to rescuing the day, are the characters that you and your gaming partner assume in the game. You can’t help but be in awe of the vivid and intricate graphics that the NES had to offer as you move through the captivating side-scrolling stages.

The appeal of this game is found in its straightforward yet captivating gameplay. Because of how simple the controls are, you can concentrate on the excitement and fun without getting distracted by them. Don’t be fooled though; perfecting the art of precise jumps and tosses takes expertise and repetition, making each victory feel like a real triumph.

The sheer fun you’ll have within Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers make for a coop NES game experience like no other.

25. Excitebike

Best Multiplayer NES Games excitebike

Think about the 1980s, when simple yet addictive gameplay was the main draw of gaming. Excitebike fulfilled all of those expectations and more, quickly becoming popular among NES fans and earning its place in gaming history. Put your virtual helmet on, and let’s enter the thrilling 8-bit racing world.

Excitebike’s special track editor tool makes it stand out from other racing games of the era. Gamers can create their own bespoke tracks, opening up countless opportunities for creativity and difficulties. Excitebike has you covered whether you’re a speed demon desiring intense action or a track designer looking to challenge your friends’ abilities.

24. Mario Bros

Best Multiplayer NES Games Mario Bros

Ah, Mario Bros., a true gem in the world of multiplayer NES games that continues to shine brightly even after all these years.

Imagine this: You and your gaming companion are playing as the famous plumber brothers Mario and Luigi.

Your objective?

To eliminate “critters,” obtrusive creatures that live infected in New York City’s sewers.

But don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity; this game is a joyous explosion of difficulties that will keep you captivated for hours.

The simplicity of Mario Bros.’ gameplay is beautiful, but so is the sense of community it encourages. Working together is key to success as you and your companion jump and bump your way across the platforms.

It’s a game that promotes cooperation, teamwork, and, most importantly, lots of laughter.

23. Jackal

Best Multiplayer NES Games Jackal

In Jackal you’ll assume the roles of fearless commandos on a crucial operation far behind enemy lines. Top-down and side-scrolling gameplay are combined in the game to create a distinctive and exciting experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The controls are responsive and easy to use, allowing you to drive your jeep easily while firing a hail of bullets at waves of enemies.

The game’s visuals, while charmingly retro, are surprisingly detailed, immersing players in a world filled with explosions, tank battles, and varied landscapes. With its constant introduction of novel obstacles to overcome, Jackal keeps the environment intriguing and varied, ranging from dense jungles to barren deserts.

Jackal is a timeless multiplayer NES game that encapsulates the essence of classic gaming.

22. Legendary Wings

Best Multiplayer NES Games Legendary Wings

Bright, detailed graphics that portray a wonderful world are presented to you as soon as you turn on your NES and launch the game. You become one of two brave heroes on a quest to defend the Earth from an antiquated evil thanks to the game’s fascinating art style. When you and a companion assume control of the characters, your adventure unfolds against a gorgeous cosmic backdrop and difficult foes.

Legendary Wings’ gameplay is truly amazing, showcasing a dynamic fusion of shooting and platforming components. Your characters have jetpacks that allow them to fly through the air at will while taking down foes with an astounding variety of weapons. The responsive and slick controls let you make daring aerial manoeuvres while deftly avoiding opposing strikes.

21. Marble Madness

Best Multiplayer NES Games Marble Madness

In Marble Madness, there are several amazing transitions between calm concentration and frantic intensity. You may occasionally catch yourself furiously tilting your controller in an effort to beat the clock or outrun your rival. At times, you’ll need to take your time, consider the layout of the maze, and carefully plan each move. Players are interested and interested in playing more because of this great balance of tranquilly and intensity.

The challenge of the game’s six distinct mazes increases substantially as you move forward. Your reflexes, smart thinking, and flexibility will be put to the test on this adventure. So do not worry; learning how to control the marble’s movements is a rewarding experience. You’ll become adept at navigating the mazes with practise, and the sense of accomplishment is extremely satisfying.

20. Blades of Steel

Best Multiplayer NES Games Blades of Steel

Imagine this: You are taken back to the heyday of gaming, when the NES platform ruled supreme and Blades of Steel established itself as a true classic. Released in 1987 by Konami, this sports classic broke new ground with its engaging gameplay and remarkably fluid graphics, offering players a chance to lace up their skates and hit the virtual rink for intense 2-on-2 ice hockey action.

Fast-paced gameplay and straightforward controls helped Blades of Steel quickly become popular with both hockey fans and casual gamers.

Blades of Steel’s unique method for capturing the thrill of ice hockey sets it distinct from other NES sports games. The game has Exhibition and Tournament as its two unique gameplay types. Players may jump right into the action in Exhibition mode by selecting from a variety of international teams to compete against friends or the computer.

The Tournament mode, on the other hand, presents you with the challenge of leading your selected side through a series of progressively tougher matches in an effort to win the championship trophy.

19. Dr. Mario

Best Multiplayer NES Games Dr Mario

With only a bottle of bright pills and the responsibility to protect the Mushroom Kingdom from a dangerous virus epidemic, you take on the role of the loving Dr. Mario in Dr. Mario. The idea is straightforward but incredibly addictive: match the pills with the viruses of the same colour to get rid of them and clean the screen.

But be warned, dear players, as the game progresses, the viruses multiply and the pace quickens, testing your speed, strategy, and puzzle-solving prowess!

You must assess the constantly shifting landscape of colourful viruses and plan your moves appropriately, much like a good doctor diagnosing a patient. You’ll feel that lovely burstiness as the pace quickens when many tablets exactly align, starting a series of eliminations.

It’s a satisfying feeling like no other, akin to hitting the jackpot in a slot machine or unlocking a hidden treasure chest!

18. Smash T.V

Best Multiplayer NES Games Smash TV

Smash T.V offers exactly what it promises: a game that combines the excitement of a shooting spree with the intensity of a game show. This top-down, twin-stick shooter was created by Williams Electronics and launched in 1990. It soon gained popularity among NES fans, and with good reason!

Smash TV stands out for its cooperative option, which lets you join forces with a companion to battle the mayhem. Participating in this cooperative activity not only makes it more enjoyable but also fosters collaboration and togetherness. The secret to victory in this challenging game of survival is to strategize with your partner on the fly while splitting the adversaries and synchronising your actions.

17. Super Dodge Ball

Best Multiplayer NES Games Super Dodge Ball

Super Dodge Ball is a timeless title that has left an indelible mark on the hearts of gamers worldwide. Developed by Technos Japan Corp. and released in 1988, this delightful sports game takes the traditional game of dodgeball and cranks it up to a whole new level of fun and intensity.

The game is designed in a way that keeps players constantly on their toes, with unpredictable moments that can turn the tide of a match in a matter of seconds. You’ll find yourself strategizing, predicting your opponent’s moves, and reacting quickly to sudden changes in the gameplay.

Launching a ball at your friend’s face seeing them get knocked down as you laugh at them when they get up is so rewarding!

16. Bomberman II

Best Multiplayer NES Games Bomberman II

In Bomberman 2, an adorable little character with an insatiable thirst for blowing stuff up (in a fun, harmless way, of course! ), the premise is straightforward yet oh-so-addictive. The objective is to kill your opponents while carefully placing bombs to blast through barriers like walls and other obstacles.

Nevertheless, if you’re not careful, the bombs you employ to open a passage could also work against you.

The gameplay moves quickly, featuring bursts of intense action and unexpected explosions around every bend. Just when you think you have the upper hand, a well-timed bomb from an opponent can quickly turn the tide. Even decades after its first introduction, players continue to play the game due to its unpredictable nature.

15. Rampart

Best Multiplayer NES Games Rampart

You embark on a daring mission to protect your area from enemy incursions in the 1990 video game Rampart. Picture yourself as a powerful warlord tasked with building formidable fortifications while engaging in intense naval conflict with your adversaries. The game deftly blends arcade action, strategy, and puzzle-solving to produce a distinctive gaming experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Rampart is primarily composed of the construction, repairing, and assaulting stages. You will quickly erect cannons and walls to fortify your castle during the building phase. the difficulty? Prior to the enemies’ approach, you only have a short window of opportunity to prepare. Do you yet feel the adrenaline?

As soon as your walls are up, repair work can start. You’ll hastily fix any damage your fortress incurred as a result of the enemy attack here. You’ll need to think quickly on your feet to win this race against time.

14. Battletoads

Best Multiplayer NES Games battletoads

Battletoads captures your attention right away with its colourful graphics and enticing chiptune soundtrack. Despite the NES’s limitations, developers were able to create a visually attractive and audibly engaging experience by making the most of every available resource.

But before we do, how about we start playing? Battletoads is renowned for its difficult yet incredibly compelling gameplay. Your reflexes and strategic abilities are put to the test as each level introduces fresh foes and challenges. Through a barrage of adversaries, you’ll punch, kick, and slam your way while avoiding dangerous traps that call for split-second timing. Similar to a fast-paced dance, you need to learn the movements to stay alive.

The pace and dynamics of the game are continuously shifting, surprise you with new turns. When you think you’ve got it down, you’ll encounter a completely other obstacle, whether it’s flying a spacecraft or racing through turbo tunnels. This sudden rush of variation keeps you on your toes and prevents boredom.

13. Gauntlet II

Best Multiplayer NES Games Gauntlet II

Ah, Gauntlet II, the enduring classic that begs us to huddle around the console for some harrowing online competition! This NES-era treasure is a must-play if you enjoy cooperative adventures and older video games.

While being basic by today’s standards, the game’s graphics have a delightful retro vibe. The dungeons’ enigmatic 8-bit aesthetics and recognisable character sprites make it simple to tell your warrior from your friend’s elf. You’ll have the impression that you’ve entered a time machine and are now in the centre of an arcade from the 1980s thanks to the ambient chiptune soundtrack, which further improves the immersive experience.

The multiplayer dynamics of Gauntlet II are one of its distinguishing qualities. While playing alone is fun, playing with friends creates enchantment that cannot be duplicated. The dungeons are teeming with enemies and difficulties, so cooperation is crucial. To create a path to success, collaborate, plan, and distribute power-ups. Oh, and don’t forget the friendly competition; after all, what kind of multiplayer experience would be complete without some friendly rivalry?

12. Tetris 2

Best Multiplayer NES Games Tetris 2

The goal of Tetris 2 is still the same: line up the falling pieces to form full horizontal lines and vanish them. Yet this follow-up has a fascinating twist! Contrary to its predecessor, Tetris 2 adds colourful blocks and changes the emphasis to matching groups of three or more identical blocks to remove them from the screen. It’s a fascinating twist from the established concept, introducing fresh difficulties and a new level of gaming complexity.

Tetris 2’s gameplay fundamentals are simple to understand, but it takes talent and fast thinking to master them. Your ability to solve puzzles will be put to the test as the pressure increases and the pieces descend more quickly until the screen fills up. It’s beyond satisfying to experience the sense of suspense and triumph as you successfully cross several lines with a single tactical manoeuvre.

11. RC Pro Am II

Best Multiplayer NES Games RC Pro Am II

The multiplayer component of RC Pro-Am II excels, elevating the excitement to multiplayer mayhem. Get your family, friends, or even adversaries together for some intense head-to-head racing action. A game-changer, the multiplayer option transforms this vintage NES game into the perfect party game that ensures hours of laughing and friendly competition.

Because the gameplay is simple to learn, both experienced players and beginners can enjoy it. You’ll be racing along the racetrack, grabbing power-ups, and improving your car to get an advantage. But beware, the competition is fierce, and the tracks are filled with surprises that will test your reflexes and strategic skills.

10. Spy Vs Spy

Best Multiplayer NES Games Spy Vs Spy

Spy Vs Spy’s basic gameplay is made to keep you on the edge of your seat. You can be a few seconds away from obtaining a valuable item one moment, and the next, you might find yourself avoiding a cunning trap laid by your adversary. This element of uncertainty gives the experience an adrenaline boost and makes each match feel exciting and distinct.

Recall that communication is essential! When played with others, Spy Versus Spy comes to life, and the real magic happens when you playfully tease each other and play mind games. You can’t help but wonder what your opponent is doing on the other side of the screen as you plan your next move. Will they pounce on the lure you left behind, or

9. Track & Field

Best Multiplayer NES Games Track and Field

The year 1983 saw the introduction of Track & Field, created and released by none other than Konami. This Olympic-themed video game, which allowed users to participate in a variety of track and field sports from the comfort of their living rooms, completely rocked the NES community. This game has it all, including sprints, hops, and throws, and it did not dissapoint.

One of the game’s most engaging features was its simple yet addictive gameplay. You might wonder, what made Track & Field so special?

Imagine frantically pressing buttons on your controller to make your virtual athlete race faster than the wind, landing javelin throws at the right distance with perfect timing, and clearing high bars. It was a physical test of how long your fingers and nerves could last.

The allure of Track & Field was its openness, which welcomed players of various ages and gaming experience levels to compete against one another in a number of events. This resulted in fierce competitions between friends and family members who were all competing to become the greatest track and field champion. The multiplayer feature improved the whole experience by transforming each gathering into a competitive event where success was rewarded and failure simply fueled the urge to get better.

8. Snow Brothers

Best Multiplayer NES Games Snow Brothers

You assume the role of Nick and Tom in the video game Snow Brothers, two adorable snowmen on a quest to save their princesses from the evil King Scorch. With the aid of magical snowball abilities, you’ll make your way through a number of icy stages, each one more difficult than the last. We’ll be right there with you, guiding you through this pixelated winter paradise, so don’t worry.

Snow Brothers incorporates a tonne of fun with a tonne of power-ups and secrets scattered throughout the game to give some spice to the mixture. You’ll find lots of surprises to keep you interested, from speed boosts and invincibility stars to the elusive 1UPs. And who doesn’t enjoy a game that challenges you continually and encourages exploration?

7. Contra

Best Multiplayer NES Games Contra

You and your best buddy, each equipped with an NES controller, sitting side by side, ready to take on hordes of enemies, daunting obstacles, and treacherous terrain.

Does that sound like fun to you?

That’s the essence of Contra. Developed by Konami and released in 1987, this side-scrolling shooter became an instant hit, captivating players with its adrenaline-pumping gameplay and memorable co-op experience.

The storyline is straightforward but gripping: Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, two courageous commandos, must stop an oncoming alien invasion in order to save Earth. You’ll come across a variety of foes, from soldiers to lethal aliens, eager to bring you down as you move through numerous fascinating stages. But do not worry; you will have a variety of strong weaponry at your disposal, including spread shots and machine guns, bringing yet another level of strategy to the gaming.

6. Tecmo Super Bowl

Best Multiplayer NES Games Tecmo Super Bowl

With its vivid graphics and engaging chiptune soundtrack, Tecmo Super Bowl immediately immerses you in the action the instant your NES turns on. Every player in the game has their own special skills and powers, and the roster includes actual NFL players from the 1991 season. You can choose to dominate the defence with Lawrence Taylor or make explosive plays with Joe Montana.

The fluid gameplay and simple controls of Tecmo Super Bowl are what really set it apart. Both experienced players and beginners can enjoy it because the mechanics are simple to understand. Tecmo Super Bowl offers the ideal combination between simplicity and depth, whether you’re a die-hard football fan or just seeking to have fun.

Tecmo Super Bowl excels most in the multiplayer mode. Grab a pal, and prepare for hours of intense rivalry and suspenseful moments. Every game is filled with surprising plays and last-second touchdowns because to the game’s burstiness element, which keeps you on the edge of your seat right up until the very end.

5. Double Dragon II: The Revenge

Best Multiplayer NES Games Double Dragon II The Revenge

You and your best friend are playing Double Dragon II in the late 1980s while seated in your living room with controllers in hand. As you put yourself in the martial arts experts Billy and Jimmy Lee’s shoes and join them on their quest to exact revenge for the terrible death of Billy’s girlfriend Marian, the tension is intense.

The smooth multiplayer experience Double Dragon II provides is one of the first things you notice about it. The gameplay is made even more enjoyable by working together with a friend to defeat armies of thugs and bad guys. With your partner, you may use strong combos to unleash a barrage of punches and kicks that will keep you captivated for hours.

4. River City Ransom

Best Multiplayer NES Games River City Ransom

If you thought Double Dragon II was a good NES game, you’ll come to love River City Ransom!

The gameplay centres on navigating the fictitious River City, a sizable open world with a variety of stores, eateries, and rival gangs prowling the streets. You’ll run against difficult foes along the way, each with their own fighting style, so you’ll have to adjust and plan ahead to survive. Oh, and don’t forget about the epic boss fights you’ll face, which will put your fighting prowess to the test.

Yet River City Ransom’s inventive RPG-style growth system is what really sets game apart. You can use the money you earn from defeating adversaries to improve your character’s attributes and learn new fighting techniques. This adds an unexpected degree of depth to the game, making it feel less like a straightforward brawler and more like an adventure.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game

Best Multiplayer NES Games Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II

Do you recall the era when the Turtles dominated video game arcades and television screens?

All that TMNT goodness was brought into our living rooms through this NES gem, though. This arcade game, which was first released in 1990, soon gained popularity among players for good reason: it expertly captured the core of the well-liked beat ’em up genre.

You get to pick your favourite pizza-loving, sewer-dwelling turtle in this side-scrolling brawler and set off on a journey to free the gorgeous April O’Neil from the evil Shredder’s grasp. You can’t help but be in awe of the responsive controls and quick action as you go through the city streets and battle waves of Foot Clan ninjas.

2. Bubble Bobble

Best Multiplayer NES Games Bubble Bobble

Imagine a vibrant cosmos populated by cute dinosaurs named Bub and Bob who are engaged in a silly quest to save their loved ones from the evil Baron Von Blubba. The adventure is divided into single-screen levels, each of which has a variety of amusing foes and delightful surprises.

The gameplay may appear straightforward, but don’t be deceived; Bubble Bobble has an intriguing depth that forces players to use their strategic thinking. The gameplay is made more exciting and surprising by the introduction of new foes and power-ups as you advance through the stages.

1. Super Mario Bros 3

Best Multiplayer NES Games Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 is the pinnacle of the traditional game genre. This platformer, created by Nintendo and published in 1988, revolutionised the gaming industry with its inventive gameplay, colourful graphics, and catchy music. As you press the power button, you are immediately taken to the wacky Mushroom Kingdom, where our favourite plumber, Mario, embarks on a mission to save Princess Peach from Bowser’s evil clutches.

But what distinguishes Super Mario Bros. 3 from its forerunners and other online NES games? To begin with, the game presents a variety of power-ups that take the gameplay to new levels. Each power-up adds a distinctive twist to Mario’s skills, from the traditional Super Mushroom and Fire Flower to the beloved Tanooki Suit and the game-changing Kuribo’s Shoe, keeping players interested and ready to find out what comes next.

Let’s now discuss Super Mario Bros. 3’s multiplayer component, which is a feature that really makes the title stand out. Players can take turns, plan ahead, and aid one another in the quest with the aid of the NES Four Score add-on or the trusty Game Genie. The spirit of camaraderie and friendly competition created by passing the controller to a friend after each level, swapping secrets, and striving for the highest score keeps you coming back for more.


Best Multiplayer NES Games c

Even in this modern era of high-definition graphics and online multiplayer experiences, multiplayer NES games retain an unmistakable charm that enthrals players of all ages. They are an enticing option for meetings and strengthening relationships with friends and family because of the nostalgia they arouse and because of how straightforward and cooperative they are.

In this article, we’ve looked at a variety of enduring multiplayer NES games that have endured the test of time to highlight how these games cross generations and are still fun today. These video games have a special capacity to bring people together and make enduring memories, from the heart-pounding adrenaline of competing against one another in Super Mario Bros. 3 to the strategic cooperation required in Contra.

The appeal of multiplayer NES games resides in their ability to overcome those restrictions, focusing on pure gameplay and encouraging real human connections. Newer gaming technologies offer cutting-edge visuals and enormous virtual worlds. These situations frequently lead to friendly rivalry, laughing, and celebrated successes, which act as a catalyst for developing closer bonds and cherishable moments.

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