Best Sega Genesis Sports Games – That Are Worth Your Time!

Why would anyone want to play those awful Sega Genesis sports games that have horribly outdated rosters, less than stellar graphics and sometimes the teams don’t even exist anymore?

Fun factor, that’s why!

Let’s head back to the 90’s where Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky were the most popular sports figures to date. I remember having posters hanging in my bedroom, billboards around town and shoes that were some of the most iconic sneakers to ever be released.

The game developers back then knew they couldn’t just recycle the content and rely on a yearly simulation mode to sell copies of their beloved sports franchise. They had to actually make it count with the limited availability on that 16-bit cartridge and boy did they ever!


NHL 94

NHL 94 might very well be the best hockey game of all time. It set the bar for years to come and arguably nothing ever since has not lived up to the benchmark. To this day, fans have created rom hacks to update the rosters for current NHL players and teams. Now that’s dedication to a hockey game!

NHL 94 is a timeless classic that you could sink thousands of hours into. With it’s indefinete replayability and pick up and play gameplay. The invention of the one timer or body checking your opponent into the bench was such a monumental improvement to hockey fans.

We hope you enjoyed our list of best Sega Genesis sports games. If you think something missed the cut or liked our selections, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter!

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