Best Metroid Games, Ranked

What is the best Metroid game?

The Metroid franchise is an extremely popular one in the world of Nintendo. We loved the unique mix of exploration, platforming and sci-fi action. But with so many quality Metroid games to choose from, it’s hard to identify which one is best.

We’ll be diving into the world of the Metroid universe to understand which games are best, in order. We’ll take a peek at everything from graphics and gameplay mechanics from the NES classics to brand new releases like Metroid Dread.

So buckle up, we’ll be going on a space journey through the world of Brinstar.

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12. Metroid Dread

Best Metroid Games Metroid Dread

The newcomer on the list is Metroid Dread. A fantastic throwback to the 2D Metroid games. We loved the new abilities like the Phantom Cloak that turns Samus invisible and gives an element of stealth to the challenging gameplay it takes on.

The Nintendo Switch hardware is a perfect 60FPS all the way through, with very little slowdown ever found within this epic gameplay experience.

Coming in at 10 hours to complete the main storyline, there’s lots to see here in Metroid Dread. With tons of goodies along the way to pick up if you’re a completionist, you can be searching for hours for that last missile pickup.

We absolutely adored Metroid Dread and it makes for quite the gameplay experience.

Super Metroid paved the way for the term Metroidvania. Its non linear design is a pioneer in the genre. No other game had quite the same impact on the video game industry.

The boss battles are huge and epic. Each step of the way as Samus progresses gives you the sense of progression as you upgrade your suit and pick up new abilities.

What we loved most about Super Metroid is the introduction of the Screw Attack. An ability that obliterates anything in sight.

Super Metroid is quite the experience, for casual fans all the way until the most hardcore of speedrunners. It’s a gamers game every step of the way.


Thanks for taking the time to look at our list of the best Metroid games of all time. Here are all of the games that were featured in this article:

  1. Super Metroid
  2. Metroid Prime
  3. Metroid Fusion
  4. Metroid: Zero Mission
  5. Metroid II: Return of Samus
  6. Metroid: Samus Returns
  7. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
  8. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
  9. Metroid: Other M
  10. Metroid Prime Hunters
  11. Metroid Prime: Federation Force
  12. Metroid Dread

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