Best Dark Type Pokemon: An In-Depth Look at the Top 20

What is the best dark type Pokemon?

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon games, you probably already know that some of the most interesting Pokemon are Dark type ones.

We’re not surprised that these Pokémon have become ultimate favourites among people considering the mysticism and potent attacks.

Which Dark-type Pokemon are the greatest, though, with so many of them around?

Stay tuned for an analysis of the top 20 Dark-type Pokemon and what makes them unique.

What are Dark-type Pokemon?

What are Dark-type Pokemon?

Let’s first define the top 20 Dark-type Pokemon before moving on to the list. Dark-type Pokemon are renowned for their cunning and secretive nature, sometimes employing their special attacks to mislead adversaries or sneak up on them. They are effective against Pokemon of the Psychic type, but ineffective against Pokemon of the Fighting, Bug, and Fairy types. They become a powerful foe in combat and an excellent asset to any trainer’s squad as a result.

Below are the top 20 greatest Dark-type Pokemon, listed in order of their power, adaptability, and fan appeal.

1. Tyranitar

dark type pokemon Tyranitar

Few Pokemon have the same level of aggression as Tyranitar when it comes to being strong and terrifying.

One of the most fearsome Dark Type Pokemon in existence, this enormous Pokemon is renowned for its great power, tenacity, and uncompromising temperament.

Tyranitar has access to a variety of offensive and defensive manoeuvres. Crunch, its trademark move, is a potent Dark-type strike that deals a tonne of damage to rival Pokemon. It may further increase its attacking prowess by using techniques like Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Dragon Dance.

Tyranitar may also acquire a variety of defensive techniques, like Roar and Stealth Rock, which can make it difficult for rival Pokemon to switch out.

Tyranitar is simply a strong Pokemon with the ability to go toe to toe against anything in sight. It will make a fantastic addition to your Pokemon team. We loved that you don’t have to be an experienced trainer to figure this out. Go ahead and find a Tyranitar, you won’t be disappointed.

2. Umbreon

dark type pokemon Umbreon

Umbreon is the only Dark type Pokemon you need to consider if you want a strong, mysterious, and Pokémon. This creature is well-liked by fans thanks to its ominous abilities and dark colouring.

Synchronise, one of Umbreon’s most impressive abilities, causes any status ailment inflicted to it to be mirrored back upon the adversary. Umbreon is a fantastic defensive Pokemon as a result of its ability to retaliate against foes that attempt to deal status conditions to it. Inner Concentration, another ability of Umbreon, keeps it from flinching.

Umbreon is a fantastic pick for a tank in combat due to its excellent defensive numbers. It is a superb counter for Psychic and Ghost type Pokemon because of its capacity to reflect status ailments and its affinity for Dark type attacks. Umbreon has to have its Defense and Special Defense stats raised as well as some HP and Attack EVs in order to be trained efficiently.

Umbreon is an interesting and potent Pokemon of the Dark type that shouldn’t be disregarded. It is a great addition to any trainer’s squad because of its distinct look, powers, and moveset. Umbreon is unquestionably a defensive Pokemon to take into account if you’re seeking for one that can help its comrades and turn the tables on foes.

3. Darkrai

dark type pokemon Darkrai

Legendary Dark-type Pokémon Darkrai made its debut in Generation IV. This mysterious monster is dreaded as a foe due to its propensity for controlling dreams and inciting nightmares.

Darkrai is a Pokemon of the Dark type, and it has a variety of strong powers. Dark Void, its trademark attack, has the ability to simultaneously slumber several opponents. It can also cause a lot of damage to its opponents by using attacks like Dark Pulse, Night Slash, and Dream Eater.

Bad Dreams, one of Darkrai’s most distinctive moves, deals time-based damage to opponents who are asleep. This makes it a good option for fights where the enemy may use status effects to their advantage.

Darkrai has made multiple appearances in Pokemon films and TV series, frequently playing an enigmatic and formidable foe. It is also a notable character in the Pokemon Trading Card Game, where players favour it due to its advantageous traits.

4. Weavile

dark type pokemon Weavile

Weavile is a Pokémon of the Dark/Ice type that was originally released in Generation IV. It is the upgraded version of the sneasel and is renowned for its speed, razor-sharp claws, and cold attacks. At little over 2 feet tall and weighing around 34 pounds, Weavile is a diminutive Pokémon.

Weavile, despite its little stature, is a deadly foe in combat because of its swift movement and powerful attacks. Weavile, like every Pokémon, has advantages and disadvantages. Because of its Dark/Ice nature, it is resistant to Ghost-type attacks and immune to Psychic-type assaults.

Also, it is a great option for rapidly dispatching opponents due to its fast movement and strong physical assault. Weavile is also capable of using a variety of techniques, including as Night Slash, Ice Punch, and Aerial Ace.

Weavile is a strong and adaptable Pokémon that may strengthen the roster of any trainer. Weavile’s speed and physical attack capability make it a force to be reckoned with in fights against other trainers or challenging gym leaders. Weavile is the best choice if you’re seeking for a cunning and potent Dark-type Pokémon.

5. Hydreigon

dark type pokemon Hydreigon

In Generation V, the three-headed Dark/Dragon type Pokémon Hydreigon made its debut. It is distinguished by its extraordinary speed and power and has a distinctive form with a streamlined fuselage and broad wings.

Being a dual-type Pokemon is one of Hydreigon’s major benefits. It has a wide variety of strengths and weaknesses due to its Dark and Dragon kind, which makes it a very adaptable addition to any squad.

It is resistant to Psychic and Ground attacks thanks to its Dark and Dragon typings, respectively. At 600 basic stats, Hydreigon has more than most other Dark or Dragon type Pokémon.

Each serious trainer should have Hydreigon since it is a Pokemon that is both tremendously powerful and adaptable. It is a deadly foe in any conflict thanks to its distinct Dark and Dragon type, high base stat total, and vast variety of moves. Hence, if you’re seeking to expand your squad, think about including Hydreigon.

6. Greninja

dark type pokemon Greninja

The last evolution of the Water starter Pokémon Froakie is Greninja. Because of its distinctive appearance and potent attacks, it swiftly won many fans after debuting in the 2013 video games Pokémon X and Y. Greninjas are based on a hybrid of a ninja and a frog, as seen by their look and manner of combat.

The Protean ability of Greninja, which enables it to alter its type to match the type of the move it is employing, is one of its most famous traits. This makes it very adaptable in combat, since it may quickly swap kinds and surprise adversaries. Greninja can outmanoeuvre many other Pokémon and attack first because of its strong Speed stat.

Take use of Greninja’s speed and unpredictable nature while employing it in combat. Use Greninja’s Protean ability to switch kinds and attack your opponents with surprising moves to try and catch them off guard. Greninja’s quickness may also be used to build up a sweep and eliminate several opponents in a succession.

Greninja is a strong and adaptable Pokémon that may strengthen any squad. Its special skills and manoeuvres make it a tricky foe, and combined with its quick speed, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

Greninja is a Pokémon that is absolutely worth including in your squad, whether you are an experienced Pokémon trainer or are just getting started.

7. Bisharp

dark type pokemon Bisharp

The striking look of Bisharp distinguishes it from other Pokémon. It has a humanoid shape with a body that is black and crimson and looks armor-like. Its head, which is formed like a frightening helmet and has two pointed horns, is its most distinctive characteristic. Another distinctive feature of Bisharp is its long, sharp claws, which it utilises to slice and cut its foes.

Trainers need to be conscious of Bisharp’s strengths and limitations as a dark-steel type Pokemon. Due to its steel type, it is immune to a wide range of attacks, including flying, normal, and poisonous ones. However, due to its vulnerability to fire, ground, and fighting techniques, trainers should exercise caution while competing against these sorts of Pokémon.

There are a few things you should bear in mind if you plan on employing Bisharp in combat. First, be sure to use moves like Intimidate or Fake Tears to weaken its stats in order to capitalise on its Defiant ability. In the long term, this might make Bisharp even more potent. Moreover, be sure to use it against opponents who are vulnerable to steel attacks in order to capitalise on its steel type.

Ultimately, Bisharp is a strong and distinctive Pokemon that may contribute strength to the squad of any trainer. When it comes to Pokemon combat, Bisharp is a force to be reckoned with because of its razor-sharp claws, amazing powers, and commanding look.

8. Krookodile

dark type pokemon Krookodile

Krookodile is a dual-type Pokémon possessing the elemental types of Dark and Ground. It also offers it an edge over Pokémon of the Electric, Poison, and Rock types since it renders it resistant to psychic attacks, which are extremely powerful against solely Dark-type Pokémon. Krookodile is a massive, intimidating monster that resembles a crocodile with its thick scales and menacing teeth. It is 1.5 metres tall and weighs 96.3 kilos.

The outstanding numbers of Krookodile are one of its best assets. It has above-average numbers for Attack and Defense, and one of the best stats for Speed among Ground type Pokémon. The formidable abilities that Krookodile possesses are Moxie, which raises Krookodile’s Attack stat every time it eliminates an opponent’s Pokémon, and Intimidate, which decreases the Attack stat of rival Pokémon when it joins the battle.

Krookodile has a broad variety of potent techniques at its disposal in addition to having great stats and abilities. Crunch, a powerful Dark type move with a potential to weaken the target’s Defense stat, is its hallmark attack. Some noteworthy moves in Krookodile’s movesets include Stone Edge, a Rock type move with a high critical hit percentage, and Earthquake, a strong Ground type move that strikes all enemy Pokémon.

Because of its uncommon type combination, outstanding stats, and potent attacks, Krookodile is unquestionably one of the strongest and most adaptable Pokémon in the game. Krookodile is a versatile Pokémon that may be used as a strong sweeper or a dependable physical attacker.

9. Mandibuzz

dark type pokemon Mandibuzz

Mandibuzz resembles a bird and has a brown body and a white underbelly. Its wide, hooked beak and its red and black feathered headgear, which mimics a vulture’s head, are its most distinctive features. It is a swift flier with enormous, strong wings, and its long, sharp talons are lethal.

Mandibuzz is recognised for its loving attitude and is frequently spotted caring for its young despite its menacing look. Mandibuzz is a useful asset to any squad thanks to its incredible variety of moves.

Foul Play, one of its hallmark moves, turns the power of the opposition against it. Also, it has access to abilities like Roost, which enables it to roost, and Brave Bird, a potent Flying-type attack that delivers tremendous damage.

Mandibuzz is a strong and distinctive Pokémon that may improve any team. It is a flexible choice for battles due to its assortment of techniques and skills as well as its capacity to play both offensively and defensively.

10. Houndoom

dark type pokemon Houndoom

A quadrupedal Pokémon Houndoom has a sleek, black body and red eyes that glow intensely. It has two curled horns on its head and, when enraged or aroused, a flame-like tuft on its breast that glows brilliantly.

In addition to having a ferocious demeanour to match its flaming look, Houndoom is a self-assured and cocky Pokémon. It is renowned for being utterly devoted to its trainer and would do all it takes to defend them, even if it puts itself in danger.

Houndoom’s strengths and weaknesses are distinct since it is a Pokemon of the Dark and Fire types. It is a fantastic choice for battles against grass, ice, insect, and steel-type Pokemon because of the strength of its fire attacks.

Nevertheless, Houndoom is also vulnerable to rock, water, fighting, and ground-type Pokemon, so it’s crucial to use caution while employing it in combat. It’s dark aspect also provides it an edge over ghost- and psychic-type Pokemon, making it a useful ally in conflicts with them.

11. Scrafty

dark type pokemon Scrafty

Scrafty combines the Fighting and Dark kinds. Because of its tough look and powerful fighting powers, it was initially presented in Generation V and has since been a fan favourite. High Jump Kick, the trademark move of Scrafty, is renowned for doing a tonne of damage to foes.

Scrafty has a distinctive look that is a hybrid of a reptile and a humanoid. It has a tiny head with a sharp jawline and a strong body. Scrafty has scaly skin all over its body and a peculiar hood over its neck that it can raise to frighten foes. Scrafty’s rugged and unpolished demeanour is reflected in its outward look.

Scrafty has a broad variety of skills and actions thanks to its Fighting and Dark Type combination, which makes it a powerful foe in combat. Among its famous powers are Moxie, which raises its attack after defeating an opponent, and Intimidate, which reduces the attack of its opponents. Scrafty may also use techniques like Crunch, Drain Punch, and Dragon Dance to speed up and strengthen its attacks while doing a tonne of damage.

Scrafty is a favourite among Pokemon trainers because of its distinct look and potent fighting skills. Its physical hardiness makes it a strong foe, and its combination of Fighting and Dark Type techniques makes it a versatile Pokemon in combat. Scrafty is a dependable and tough Pokemon to have on your squad whether you’re exploring the wild or competing in the gym.

12. Absol

dark type pokemon Absol

Absol should unquestionably be on your list if you’re hunting for a strong Dark type Pokémon. Since its debut in the third generation of Pokemon video games, Absol has become a fan favourite thanks to its eye-catching look and distinctive skills. In this post, we’ll examine Absol’s background, traits, advantages, and disadvantages in more detail.

In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Absol made its debut as a rare sighting on Mount Pyre. It rapidly became well-liked by fans thanks to its distinctive look and enigmatic vibe. Its design was influenced by a variety of creatures, including cats, dogs, and unicorns. Being a lone Pokemon with the ability to foresee tragedies, Absol’s name is also derived from the term absolute.

Absol has a number of benefits over other Pokemon because it is a Dark type. Using techniques like Night Slash and Psycho Cut, it can deliver a tonne of damage thanks to its strong attack and speed numbers. Its Super Luck ability makes it even more deadly by raising the critical hit rate of its attacks. Absol becomes a great friend in combat since it can feel oncoming danger and alert its trainer, thanks to its capacity to foresee tragedies.

Absol is an interesting Pokemon with a colourful past and distinctive skills. It has long been a fan favourite due to its remarkable beauty and eerie vibe. Although Absol has flaws, its advantages in battle make it a deadly foe. Absol is unquestionably a Dark type Pokémon worth consideration, whether you like its appearance or its fighting skills.

13. Sableye

dark type pokemon Sableye

Sableye may be just what you’re seeking for if you want to bolster your squad with sneaky and clever Pokémon. The third generation of Pokemon video games saw the debut of the Dark/Ghost type Pokemon Sableye. Sableye is a tough combatant due to its diverse set of techniques and skills that come with its special type.

A little over a foot tall, the bipedal Sableye is a little creature. It features a spherical, blue body and two enormous, glowing green eyes. It can utilise its large, horn-like ears, which are its most distinctive trait, to magnify its hearing. It can climb trees and walls with its sharp, clawed hands.

Sableye is renowned for its mischievous attitude, frequently pulling practical jokes on both humans and other Pokémon. It has a propensity for stealing shiny things and stashing them away in its subterranean den. This Pokemon is also incredibly clever and resourceful, outwitting foes with its intelligence and cunning.

Sableye is a rare and strong Pokemon that may strengthen the roster of any trainer. Sableye is a force to be reckoned with in every conflict because of its naughty disposition, crafty intelligence, and potent moveset. Sableye is unquestionably someone you should take into consideration for your squad, whether you’re a competitive battler or a casual gamer.

14. Sharpedo

dark type pokemon Sharpedo

Sharpedo initially had the appearance of a frightening monster from a horror film. It has a torpedo-like form and skin covered with svelte black and blue scales. It possesses dark, piercing eyes and a gaping mouth filled with razor-sharp fangs. The aggressive sharpedo is frequently spotted swimming in the ocean’s depths, looking for its meal.

Sharpedo is an incredibly quick and strong Pokémon with some incredible base stats. It is a powerful foe in combat thanks to its excellent Attack and Speed ratings. Moreover, it has the capacity to Mega Evolve, which raises the bar for both its numbers and combat prowess.

Sharpedo may be used effectively by combining it with a Pokémon that is skilled in the move Rain Dancing. Sharpedo’s Speed Boost ability, which raises its speed stat each round, will be activated as a result. With this enhancement, Sharpedo may easily develop into a dangerous foe who can outrun many other Pokémon in combat.

Sharpedo is a strong and distinctive Pokémon that is ideal for trainers that like to use quick and physical attackers. With its Mega Evolution ability, it becomes even more powerful. Its dual type, outstanding stats, and versatility make it a useful asset to any squad. Sharpedo has the potential to be a strong ally in any conflict with the appropriate plan and preparation.

15. Malamar

dark type pokemon Malamar

Trainers and fans alike have been drawn to the intriguing Dark/Psychic-type Pokémon Malamar. Malamar has been popular among trainers searching for a flexible and potent Pokémon to add to their squad because of its special powers and cunning personality. We’ll go into more detail about what makes Malamar such a fascinating and important addition to any trainer’s roster in this post.

Malamar also has a helpful skill called “Infiltrator.” Malamar becomes a powerful opponent in combat because of its ability to ignore any opponent’s substitute or light screen/reflect.

Malamar is a versatile Pokémon because of its large move pool, which includes both Dark and Psychic-type attacks. It is a useful weapon in battle because of its characteristic move, Topsy-Turvy, which undoes any stat modifications done by the adversary. Malamar is a difficult opponent in combat since it has access to strong attacks including Superpower, Night Slash, and Crazy Cut.

Malamar is a cunning and cunning Pokémon that adds a special set of skills to any trainer’s squad. It is a flexible and dangerous foe thanks to its capacity to undo stat adjustments and get past barriers. It is a sought-after addition to any trainer’s roster because of its peculiar development process and unique powers.

Malamar is a great option if you’re trying to strengthen your squad with a powerful and hard Pokémon.

16. Zoroark

dark type pokemon Zoroark

Go no farther than Zoroark if you want a Dark-type Pokémon that is both strong and enigmatic. This cunning Pokemon is a master of disguise and trickery thanks to its ability to change into any other animal or item.

A bipedal Pokemon that resembles a fox, Zoroark originally appears in the fifth generation of the game. It is recognised for both its unusual mane of spiky hair and its red and black fur. The look of Zoroark is sometimes compared to that of a Kitsune, a legendary fox spirit from Japanese culture.

You’ll need to put in some work if you want to add Zoroark to your collection. In the games, catching Zoroark requires participating in a unique event where players must first catch a particular Pokemon before using it to open a secret door. Nonetheless, Zoroark may also be seen in the wild in a few places in more modern video games.

In the Pokemon series, Zoroark has emerged as a fan favourite and has appeared in a number of films, 90s show, and spin-off games. It is frequently presented as a strong, enigmatic animal that can outsmart even the most seasoned trainers.

17. Pangoro

dark type pokemon Pangoro

Pangoro, a beautiful and cuddly panda-like Pokemon, was initially featured in Pokemon X and Y as Pancham’s ultimate evolution. Pancham loses its lighthearted nature as it develops into Pangoro and instead assumes an angry and menacing aspect. The black and white colour scheme of Pangoro is reminiscent of the yin-yang symbol, and it draws inspiration from classic Chinese warriors.

With its dual Dark/Fighting type, Pangoro has an edge over other Pokemon in combat. Iron Fist, one of its abilities, increases the potency of its punches, including Hammer Arm and Sky Uppercut. Mold Breaker, Pangoro’s additional ability, enables it to go around an enemy’s ability while using an attack, making it an advantageous weapon in combat.

Because of its dual type, Pangoro is a flexible and deadly foe in combat. Its Fighting typing enables it to battle against Normal, Rock, and Steel types, but its Dark typing provides it an advantage against Psychic and Ghost type Pokemon. Pangoro is a strong opponent who can deal and take a lot of damage thanks to its excellent attack and defensive numbers.

A formidable character in the Pokemon franchise is Pangoro. It is a useful addition to any trainer’s squad due to its intimidating look, distinctive type, and potent abilities. Be sure to keep a look out for Pangoro and add it to your collection whether you’re playing the game or merely collecting Pokémon.

18. Drapion

dark type pokemon Drapion

Drapion is a big, purple Pokémon that resembles a scorpion and has two massive pincers and a long, segmented tail with a stinger at the end. It has four legs that enable swift and nimble movement, and an exoskeleton, a hard covering, covers its body. Drapion is a fearsome and terrifying Pokémon with the power to fill its opponents with dread.

Because of its strong Attack and Defense numbers, Drapion is renowned for its powerful physical strikes. Moreover, it is capable of using a variety of poison-type attacks, including Poison Jab, Toxic, and Cross Poison, which have the ability to poison the enemy and deliver gradual damage.

Focusing on Drapion’s physical assaults and defence skills will help you make the most of it. It may become a dangerous foe in combat by increasing its Attack and Defense numbers, as well as providing it the toughness it needs to survive blows from other Pokémon.

Drapion works nicely with other Dark and Poison-type Pokemon like Weavile, Salazzle, and Toxicroak when putting up a team. If you’re having trouble with the Psychic and Ghost kinds of Pokemon, think about including it in your squad because it’s a strong counter to them.

19. Incineroar

dark type pokemon Incineroar

Litten, a starting Pokémon from the Alola region, had one more evolution to become Incineroar. It debuted in Pokemon games’ Generation VII and has since grown in popularity among players. At 5’11” tall and weighing 183 lbs, this bipedal feline Pokemon dominates the battlefield. Its flaming belt, which it may utilise to strengthen its strikes, is what makes it stand out from other creatures.

With 530 base stats, Incineroar has a fair distribution of stats. It is an excellent tanky Pokémon because its HP, Attack, and Defense values are all above average. Its special attack and defence numbers are less impressive but still respectable. While entering a battle, Incineroar’s hallmark ability, Intimidate, reduces the opponent’s Attack. It is a great Pokémon to swap into physical attackers with its ability and its strong Defense.

Because of its adaptability and strength, Incineroar is a standout choice in competitive play. Both an offensive and defensive Pokemon, it may be employed in single-player and two-player matches. It is a great pivot Pokemon thanks to its strong Defense and intimidate ability, which let it transform into physical attackers and reduce their Attack. It may also be employed as a setup sweeper, boosting its Attack with techniques like Swords Dance before unleashing deadly physical assaults.

A great Pokémon to have on your squad is Incineroar. It is a force to be reckoned with in combat with its mix of the Fire and Dark typings, balanced stats, and adaptable moveset. Whether you’re a competitive battler or a casual player, Incineroar is unquestionably a Pokemon to take into account.

20. Crawdaunt

dark type pokemon Crawdaunt

There aren’t many Pokemon-related monsters as terrifying as Crawdaunt. The aggressive and potent moveset of this dark water-type Pokemon may not make it the most well-liked creature around, but it certainly packs a punch. We’ll go into what makes Crawdaunt such a fearsome adversary in this post, along with the reasons it belongs in your party.

With a crimson body and several pincers, Crawdaunt resembles a crab. It has a unique black underside and stands on two legs. Hyper Cutter and Shell Armor, two of Crawdaunt’s special abilities, protect it from attacks that reduce its attack and defensive numbers.

The moveset of Crawdaunt gives it a flexible Pokémon that can be employed in a range of combat situations. Its strong physical attacks make it a great choice for defeating defense-oriented foes, and it’s dark typing makes it a viable counter to Pokemon of the psychic kind.

You shouldn’t undervalue the dark water-type Pokémon Crawdaunt. It is a dangerous foe in combat because of its potent movepool and distinctive type, and any trainer would be wise to have it on their squad. Crawdaunt is a Pokemon that is definitely worth investigating, whether you’re seeking for a new player to join your team or simply want to learn more about this terrifying creature.


dark type pokemon conclusion

From their debut in the second generation, dark-type Pokemon have been a powerful force in the Pokémon universe.

They have been a popular favourite and a mainstay in competitive battle thanks to their distinctive and potent moves, high stats, and wide variety of Pokemon species.

There is a Dark-type Pokemon for every trainer and every battle, from the crafty and devious Umbreon to the powerful and aggressive Tyranitar.

Dark-type Pokemon are a fantastic option if you’re seeking for a dependable teammate or a strong addition to your Pokedex.

Don’t forget about the Dark-types the next time you’re putting together a team or searching for a new Pokemon to capture.

With their ominous and enigmatic aura, they will undoubtedly provide something fascinating and original to your games.

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