Best Metroidvania games to keep you roaming for days

The best Metroidvania games are the ones that combine the elements from the brutally hard both Castlevania and exploration elements of Metroid. If you’re old enough to remember the days where these two games were completely separate and well loved in their own regard.


Dead Cells

The fast paced action and randomized loot in Dead Cells offers a plethora of fun that can be enjoyed for hours upon end. The only real challenge is the facing of permadeath in the event you don’t make it through to the end of the game in one sitting.

Dead Cells does a phenomenal job and allowing you to go through the game and every time you make it further, you feel the sense of progression. Motion Twin executed the controls and gameplay to perfection, blending a mix of Metroidvania and rogue-like elements to the gameplay. The result is a massive game that delivers on all scales.

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