The 25 best Dreamcast games – of all time

We’ll now look at the top Dreamcast games that are still enjoyable to play today.

When it was first released, the Dreamcast was a gaming system that was way ahead of its time. Think pioneer of online gaming, arcade experience at home and many more.

It had excellent graphics and music, as well as a large game library that appealed to a diverse spectrum of gamers.

We’ll take a closer look at some of the most intriguing games that contributed to the Dreamcast’s continuing success.

There is a Dreamcast game for everyone, whether you like old gaming or want to try something new.

It’s a shame that piracy and the absence of a DVD player were the Dreamcast’s downfall, and we believe it deserves greater attention.

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25. Metropolis Street Racer

Best Dreamcast games Metropolis Street Racer

The graphics of Metropolis Street Racer are fantastic and bring the metropolis to life. The attention to detail is outstanding, with each car and location well conceived and portrayed. The lighting effects and shading in the game give an extra level of realism, resulting in a very realistic experience.

Metropolis Street Racer’s soundtrack is fantastic, with a combination of techno and hip-hop tunes that perfectly match the game’s urban atmosphere. The sound effects for the automobiles and the landscape are also well-executed, contributing to the game’s overall realism.

From the automobiles to the music, you’re able to fully customize the experience to your preferences. The open world environment of the game also provides for flexibility of exploration and discovery.

One potential drawback is that the races can get repetitive after a few playthroughs, with some feeling overly similar.

You can’t go wrong with one of the best racing games on the Dreamcast.

Shenmue on the Dreamcast is a pioneer in the adventure game genre. Telling the storyline is such an epic experience. It’s almost straight out of a movie scene the way the plot unfolds.

We loved the simplicity of going gambling, unwinding for a couple of rounds of the arcade port of Space Harrier and just hanging out in a local restaurant.

Shenmue blew us away at the time it was released. The epic storyline, super realistic graphics and gameplay were fantastic uses of the Dreamcast hardware.

You can’t miss out on Shenmue and it’s clear to see why it’s the best Dreamcast game of all time.


The Dreamcast was a game console that was ahead of its time.

It had great visuals and music, as well as a big game catalogue that catered to a wide range of gamers.

Despite the fact that the Dreamcast system is no longer in production, the Dreamcast games are still pleasant to play today.

Some of the best Dreamcast games that have stood the test of time include Metropolis Street Racer, Headhunter, Confidential Mission, Dead or Alive 2, and The Typing of the Dead.

These games offer unique and fascinating gameplay experiences that will keep you occupied for hours.

While the Dreamcast was hampered by piracy and the lack of a DVD player, it is nevertheless fondly regarded by gamers.

  1. Shenmue
  2. Soul Calibur
  3. Jet Set Radio
  4. Phantasy Star Online
  5. Skies of Arcadia
  6. Capcom vs. SNK 2
  7. Marvel vs. Capcom 2
  8. Resident Evil Code: Veronica
  9. Grandia II
  10. Sonic Adventure
  11. Rez
  12. Crazy Taxi
  13. Power Stone 2
  14. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
  15. Virtua Tennis
  16. Ikaruga
  17. Space Channel 5
  18. ChuChu Rocket!
  19. Samba de Amigo
  20. Sword of the Berserk: Guts’ Rage
  21. The Typing of the Dead
  22. Dead or Alive 2
  23. Confidential Mission
  24. Headhunter
  25. Metropolis Street Racer

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