Best PS1 JRPGs – Unforgettable Adventures Await!

The PS1 had brought home to some of the wonderful, insanely popular and best JRPGs of all time. We’ve already covered the best SNES RPGs in another article, we wanted to extend it to the home console that gives even the mighty SNES a run for it’s money in that department, the PS1.

With the help of publisher Square, the PS1 was able to leverage the CD format to cut manufacturing costs and extend the quality of the audio and add full length video cutscenes by using the

Dragon Warrior VII

The unbelievable slice of the world that is being presented to the player is what will first draw you into the game. With a huge array of standard attacks and magical abilities, Dragon Warrior VII will keep you occupied during the battles.

It’s a traditional RPG in every way, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some may not want to have the envelope pushed when sitting through a 100 hour playthrough.

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