8 Best 4 Player Games SNES

You might be very well wondering the answer to the question, does SNES have 4 player games?

Well, luckily you’re in the right spot as there are a ton of great options for multiplayer SNES games with the use of the Multitap accessory that allows you to play with up to 4 players!

In this article, we’ll be covering the absolute best SNES games multiplayer experiences you can enjoy with your friends while relaxing with your favorite video game console.


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What is SNES multitap?

What is SNES multitap

A supplemental item for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) gaming console is the SNES Multitap. It is an adapter that enables the SNES to accept the connection of more than two controllers, allowing for multiplayer games with a maximum of four players.

Due to the two controller ports that are incorporated into the SNES system, two controllers can be connected and used at once by default. To accommodate more players, you can increase the number of accessible controller ports using the Multitap.

The SNES Multitap has additional controller ports on its own body and connects to one of the controller ports on the front of the SNES console. Four people can take part in multiplayer games that support the extra ports by connecting the Multitap to up to four controllers.

8. Lost Vikings

Best 4 Player Games SNES Lost Vikings

Platforming games are given a fascinating new spin in Lost Vikings. Erik the Quick, Baleog the Fierce, and Olaf the Stout are the three Vikings that players control; each has special powers. You are required to use your talents in order to get past obstacles and move through a progression of stages that get more difficult in the game. Baleog uses a sword and bow for combat, Olaf wears a shield and is able to take harm, and Erik can jump and sprint rapidly.

The main goal of the game is to solve challenging puzzles. To advance through the stages, one must strategically combine the strengths of each Viking. As you swap between characters and use their unique skills to overcome obstacles, cooperation and teamwork are essential. The puzzles range from utilising particular skills to avoid obstacles and attackers to timing-based jumps and switches. To keep players interested, the game constantly adds new challenges and systems.

7. Super Bomberman

Best 4 Player Games SNES Super Bomberman

Super Bomberman is primarily a top-down maze-based game in which players command adorable bomb-wielding characters. To defeat enemies while navigating the maze-like arenas, one must strategically position bombs. Super Bomberman transforms every gathering into an intense and competitive gaming experience because it supports up to four players.

Players must employ power-ups wisely to outsmart rivals as they are dispersed around the courses. These power-ups provide the player a tactical edge by increasing the bombs’ range, power, and quantity. Also, the game offers many bomb kinds and unique abilities, which makes the gameplay more intricate and challenging. To succeed, you need quick reactions and strategic thinking.

6. NBA Jam Tournament Edition

Best 4 Player Games SNES NBA Jam Tournament Edition

A thrilling basketball experience unlike any other can be had with NBA Jam TE. Fast-paced two-on-two games feature dunks that soar through the air, crazy alley-oops, and flaming slam dunks that have the power to ignite the court. The game’s extravagant design, which features players flying through the air and pulling off remarkable manoeuvres, offers an exhilarating spectacle that is visually appealing.

In the multiplayer mode of NBA Jam TE, friends may compete against one another or work together to rule the court. Players of all skill levels may access and enjoy the game because to its quick gameplay and simple controls. Each multiplayer session is guaranteed to be filled with laughter, friendly competition, and unforgettable moments thanks to the competitive aspect of the game and the pure adrenaline of pulling off great plays.

5. Super Bomberman 2

Best 4 Player Games SNES Super Bomberman 2

By providing a better multiplayer experience, Super Bomberman 2 builds on the success of its predecessor. In frenzied battlefields filled with bombs, friends can compete against one another in the game, which accommodates up to four players. By altering the number of rounds, bomb intensity, and power-up frequency, for example, players can design their own distinctive battle scenarios in the multiplayer mode.

The gameplay is made more interesting and engaging with the addition of numerous additional power-ups and features in the sequel. Now, players can gather objects that give them special powers, like the ability to kick or fling bombs across the screen. Players are also kept on their toes by new stage hazards and traps, which forces them to modify their strategy and outmanoeuvre rivals.

4. Secret of Mana

4 Player Games SNES Secret of Mana

Players embark on an epic quest in the magical world that is under threat of darkness in Secret of Mana. The plot of the game centres on the quest of a young hero who, along with his allies, must revive Mana’s strength and defend the planet from a legendary evil. The captivating plot is full of surprises, riddles, and moving scenes that keep players interested from beginning to end.

We intended to solely list SNES multiplayer games, since Secret of Mana’s cooperative multiplayer aspect is one of its distinguishing qualities. Up to three players can team up and take control of various characters at once while working together to combat monsters and solve puzzles. Via this cooperative component, friends can go on an adventure together, enhancing the social gaming experience.

3. Battle Cross

Best 4 Player Games SNES Battle Cross

There are many different vehicles available in Battle Cross, each with special qualities and combat skills of its own. There is a vehicle to fit any play style, whether you favour the quick and nimble motorcycles, the powerful and destructive tanks, or the adaptable and flexible helicopters. Trying out various vehicles gives the game more dimension and keeps the combat interesting.

Gameplay in Battle Cross is frantic and arcade-style, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Quick movements and accurate aiming are possible because to the controls’ responsiveness and intuitiveness. You’ll keep playing the game because it’s so addicting as you try to outwit and outgun your rivals in intense vehicular battle.

2. Street Racer

Best 4 Player Games SNES Street Racer

For the SNES, Street Racer offers a genuine arcade-style racing experience. In varied metropolitan environments, players can race against competent opponents in a variety of high-performance vehicles. Players are hooked by the game’s competitive and intense racing experience thanks to its fast-paced gameplay, precise controls, and difficult AI.

Street Racer excels in its multiplayer feature, where you may engage in split-screen action versus pals. Enjoy the rush of racing against others in challenging competitions, demonstrating your prowess, and claiming victory. The game is ideal for game nights with friends because the multiplayer mode ups the excitement and replayability.

1. Saturday Night Slam Masters

Best 4 Player Games SNES Saturday Night Slam Masters

Finally we have the best 4 player SNES game ever to grace this amazing console.

The vivid graphics in Saturday Night Slam Masters give the wrestling ring and its participants life. The experience is aesthetically stimulating thanks to the intricate sprites, vibrant animations, and extravagant moves. The game’s cheerful and spirited soundtrack is the ideal accompaniment to the action, boosting the setting and drawing players into the wrestling extravaganza.

There are numerous game modes available in the game to keep players entertained. In the Single Player mode, where you can select a wrestler and take part in a series of matches to win the title, you can put your talents to the test. Instead, challenge a buddy in the multiplayer mode to enjoy the thrill of competition. due to its multiplayer capability. Gaming nights with friends are made for Saturday Night Slam Masters.


While you might be wondering does “SNES support 4 players?” the answer is an astounding yes and these great multiplayer games are perfect examples of ones you should check out if you’re looking for a perfect experience with your friends.

The SNES has a strong selection of 4-player games that keep players interested. These games provide unparalleled multiplayer experiences, whether you’re setting off bombs, racing across exotic realms, going on cooperative missions, or engaging in combat as your favourite turtles.

Hence, gather your pals, grab your SNES controllers, and enter the thrilling world of four-player SNES gaming. The enjoyment and the memories you’ll make are genuinely priceless. Prepare yourself for hours of amusement, cordial competition, and thrilling adventures that will have you coming back for more.

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