9 Best SNES Wrestling Games, Ranked

The SNES dominated the gaming industry in the 90s when neon colours and cool hairstyles were in vogue thanks to its 16-bit visuals and addictive gameplay. Wrestling video games were one of the numerous genres that thrived on this illustrious console, and they were beloved by players all over the world.

You might wonder what made these games so unique. The SNES wrestling games perfectly captured the essence of the world of wrestling and kept us riveted to our screens for hours on end. They were bursting with thrilling gameplay, unforgettable characters, and jaw-dropping moves. We were transported into a virtual realm of grappling glory by the action-packed combos, explosive entrances, and fierce rivalries.

We’ll look at some of the most well-known SNES wrestling games that inspired our love of both video games and wrestling in this blog post. We’ll remember the moments that made us cheer, jump, and occasionally even cry, from flying dropkicks to spine-tingling finishing moves.


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9. Super Fire Pro Wrestling X

SNES Wrestling Games Super Fire Pro Wrestling X
  • Publisher(s): Human Entertainment
  • Release: JP: March 29, 1996

For its time, Super Fire Pro Wrestling X’s gameplay mechanics were nothing short of revolutionary. Gamers can develop their own distinctive wrestling style because to the astonishing variety of manoeuvres and tactics available to them. Every move feels devastating, from power slams to submission grips, making every battle an exciting spectacle.

A large cast of wrestlers with distinctive move sets and fighting styles can be found in Super Fire Pro Wrestling X. There is a wrestler to fit every fan’s preferences, whether they favour the high-octane flair of aerial experts or the pure brutal force of powerhouses.

For any fan of wrestling or classic video games, Super Fire Pro Wrestling X is a must-play because of its engaging gameplay, great roster, and now easily accessible English translation. This once undiscovered classic has been given new life by the rom hack, ensuring that its legacy will live on for many years to come.

8. HammerLock Wrestling

SNES Wrestling Games HammerLock Wrestling
  • Publisher(s): Jaleco
  • Release: JP: September 30, 1994 NA: October 1994

Alongside the innovative camera angles, HammerLock Wrestling debuts a group of wrestlers with clear anime influences that will attract your attention. The likes of Great Max, Sam Warhammer, and Spud Marmoset, each brought to life with granular close-ups and jaw-dropping slow-motion effects, want you to enter the ring alongside them. Prepare for a wrestling-meets-anime event that will be thrilling and visually stunning.

The match choices offered by HammerLock Wrestling are excellent. A variety of game modes are available to players, including exhibition matches for lighthearted entertainment, champion league for intense competition, and tournaments for a grand quest for victory. The Top Ranked Match mode provides a thrilling opportunity to compete against every wrestler on the roster, reflecting the intensity of the real-world match.

While some people might enjoy action that moves quickly, HammerLock Wrestling favours a deliberate and strategic approach. Longer stretches of idle time on the mat result from the wrestlers’ ability to convincingly sell their techniques. This methodical tempo provides a touch of realism and enables gamers to enjoy each moment and carefully consider their next action.

7. WWF Super WrestleMania

SNES Wrestling Games WWF Super WrestleMania
  • Publisher(s): Acclaim Entertainment
  • Release: NA: March 1992

WWF Super WrestleMania, which began the trilogy, laid the groundwork for what was to come. Match possibilities for the players included solo, tag team, and Survivor Series contests. The introduction of conventional elimination matches raised the gameplay to a whole new level and was the game’s most important development.

By featuring a unique sort of match that had never been seen before, WWF Super WrestleMania stretched the limits of wrestling video games. Players were given a special challenge and an exciting twist to classic wrestling matches thanks to this innovative approach.

Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, and Hulk Hogan were all present in both editions, but the SNES version had a stronger cast overall. It fell short, though, in terms of special moves that were only available in the Genesis version.

6. WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game

SNES Wrestling Games WWF WrestleMania The Arcade Game
  • Publisher(s): Midway
  • Release: NA: November 1995

Only six WWE superstars are available for selection in WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game’s roster, which is a surprise. Be prepared to see names like Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Lex Luger, Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels, as well as the contentious addition of Doink the Clown. Fans couldn’t help but ask why more stars weren’t included in the mix, even though these wrestlers have their own distinctive flair.

Doink the Clown’s inclusion sticks out among the few roster possibilities. On whether this eccentric figure actually belonged in such an elite group, fans had differing opinions. While some people like the comic element, others thought a different superstar may have been a better fit.

The intensity of Mortal Kombat might be the best option for those looking for a full-on combat experience. Alternatives that closely resemble the traditional elements of wrestling may be chosen by gamers seeking a more realistic representation of the sport.

5. WCW: Super Brawl Wrestling

SNES Wrestling Games WCW Super Brawl Wrestling
  • Publisher(s): FCI, Inc.
  • Release: NA: November 1994

WCW: World Championship Wrestling on NES triumphs in this grand contest, surpassing WCW: Super Brawl Wrestling as the winner. While the NES wrestling game version may not be the pinnacle of perfection, it is unquestionably a better option than the lacklustre sequel that came after.

Both games have similar shortcomings, but WCW: Super Brawl Wrestling falls short by lacking a standout soundtrack. Players are left in a silent ring because there is no music, depriving them of the evocative ambiance that may have improved the game sessions.

Despite its flaws, WCW: World Championship Wrestling on SNES has a distinctive 3/4 overhead view of the wrestling ring that stands out. This unique viewpoint gives players a new perspective on the action, enhancing their gaming experience.

4. WWF Raw

SNES Wrestling Games WWF Raw
  • Publisher(s): Acclaim Entertainment
  • Release: NA: November 1994

The variety of match alternatives that WWF Raw provides is what makes it so appealing. Intense tag team contests, Survivor Series elimination matches, a 12-man Royal Rumble spectacular, and even the one-of-a-kind and legendary Bedlam Match are all available for players to participate in. Prepare for a wrestling show like no other.

The roster of WWF Raw is what really sets it apart, featuring a who’s who of beloved wrestling icons. Enter the virtual ring as Shawn Michaels, the Hart brothers, Bret and Owen, the menacing Undertaker, and Luna Vachon, who makes a special guest appearance and bravely competes with the best of them.

The aesthetics of the game transport players back in time to WWF Royal Rumble and WWF Super WrestleMania. Although the wrestlers appear to be in good shape, some of their appearances might be different from those of their real-life counterparts, giving the presentation a little something extra.

3. WWF Royal Rumble

SNES Wrestling Games WWF Royal Rumble
  • Publisher(s): Acclaim Entertainment
  • Release: NA: June 1993

With the WWF Royal Rumble, LJN upped the ante by adding improved music, sound effects, and general realism. Players are further drawn into the thrilling world of wrestling by the audio experience, which amplifies the thrill.

The graphics in WWF Royal Rumble show off considerable advancements in the pursuit of realism. Watch as well-known wrestlers like Mr. Perfect, Lex Luger, Ric Flair, and Randy Savage more closely resemble their real-world counterparts while bringing life to the virtual ring.

Fans will experience a smooth transition because WWF Royal Rumble keeps the familiar controls from its predecessor, WWF: Super WrestleMania. However, LJN introduces a grappling metre, keeping players on their toes and gauging the efficiency of their button-mashing.

2. Natsume Championship Wrestling

SNES Wrestling Games Natsume Championship Wrestling
  • Publisher(s): Natsume
  • Release: NA: June 1994

Prepare for an epic confrontation as the computer opponents put up a fierce fight a la John Cena’s tenacious comebacks in the world of professional wrestling. Be ready to use clever strategies and dexterous manoeuvres to outwit these formidable adversaries.

Players in Natsume Championship Wrestling experience a little learning curve when it comes to the grappling style when they begin their wrestling journey. But learning these techniques pays off handsomely, making every victory a pleasant accomplishment.

By offering players a captivating variety of skills that are devoid of overbearing gimmicks, Natsume Championship Wrestling differentiates apart from the competition. Whether you choose Big Ape, Python, M. Roach, or another wrestler, this game necessitates strategic thinking rather than simply pressing buttons.

1. Saturday Night Slam Masters

SNES Wrestling Games Saturday Night Slam Masters
  • Publisher(s): Capcom
  • Release: NA: July 1993

Street Fighter’s essence is beautifully captured in Saturday Night Slam Masters, which combines it with characters from the wrestling genre to produce a stunning synthesis of two adored video game universes. Be ready for a rush of adrenaline unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!

Enjoy the fun character allusions as King Rasta’s look is influenced by the renowned Blanka, while Biff Slamkovich pays homage to Zangief. The nostalgic homage to adored gaming heroes will delight fans.

The cast of Saturday Night Slam Masters is interesting and diverse, with a variety of personalities and individual styles. Every combatant, from the brave luchador El Stingray to the Kabuki-style warrior Oni-Kabuki, promises an epic confrontation.

Of all SNES pro wrestling games, Saturday Night Slam Masters stands out as a masterpiece that has endured through the years and continues to enthral gamers of all ages.


SNES Wrestling Games c

We were taken back in time to a time of exhilarating entertainment and fierce rivalry as we explored the fascinating world of SNES wrestling games. These games, which ranged from timeless titles like WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade to undiscovered gems like Saturday Night Slam Masters, left a lasting impression on gamers and wrestling fans alike.

It is obvious that SNES wrestling games occupied a special place in many people’s hearts because each game offered its own special charm and gameplay mechanics. They acted as a time machine, taking us back to the early 1990s, a decade known for its vivid pixel art, unforgettable soundtracks, and enduring characters.

We admired LJN’s advancements in the WWF Royal Rumble, enjoying the variety of match options and the inclusion of the grapple metre. We were enthralled by Natsume Championship Wrestling’s range of manoeuvres and genuine pro wrestling vibe, which proved to be a wrestling purist’s joy.

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