Plok! (Super Nintendo) Retro Review

Platformers in the 90’s were being pumped out like there was no tomorrow.

With the success of good platformers, developers and publishers were rushing out to put forward their best variation of Sonic and Mario.

While it’s true, there wasn’t a plok nes game, you have a fantastic one for the big brother.

Sonic had the speed from the blast processing, and Super Mario world captured the hearts of a generation with the launch of the Super Nintendo.

plok super nintendo gameplay 1

But of course, for every Sonic and Mario you have countless platformers that were just trying to cash in on the craze.

So If I showed you this character, you’d be right to think the same for the red and yellow character playing the harmonica.

But Plok is at last, a real hero and it has to be. At least that’s what the manual says.


Other than the lack of saves, Plok is an excellent platformer that belongs in anyone’s collection.

The thing about Plok is that it got such great reviews from beloved video game magazines at the time, I’m surprised it didn’t feature as a household name.

Apparently even Miyamoto thinks the same, and I quote:
“ Shigeru Miyamoto in 2019. He called Plok! the third-best platform game and expressed desire to make it the second-best above Sonic.”

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