The Best City Building Games, That Will Drain Tons Of Time!

We all know the absolute classics like SimCity paved the way for modern games such as Cities Skylines or Timberborn. What if you were looking for more games like Cities Skylines to scratch that city building itch with the use of your trusty rake that you got from the virtual mall that you happened to build in your newly created world.

The sense of accomplishment of seeing your town grow as you train more skilled workers to lay roads or build houses is a wonderful feeling. Be aware though, you could easily sink hundreds if not thousands of hours into each of these games and still not let the gameplay feel stale.

Let’s dive right into the best city building games that you could spend tons of time creating the perfect world.


You’ll also need to make sure that there are well defined businesses, managing tax money from the citizens and creating city boundaries are all things to consider when building a successful city.

The massive world is something you can really sink your teeth into. There’s plenty of areas you can micromanage and the amount of sheer modifications you can install make for infinite time you can really put into the game. Cities Skylines is the definition of the best city building game of all time.

We hope you enjoyed our hand picked list of games. If you found this useful or wished that other options made the cut, feel free to let us know on Twitter.

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