Underrated Super Nintendo Games

What if you’re tired of the same old games on the Super Nintendo and are looking for something new?

In today’s review, we’ll be covering some of the more underrated Super Nintendo games?

Dare I call them Hidden Gems?

There are ten games in total and this isn’t a top 10 so they’ll be in no particular order. We’ll be covering the most underrated SNES games from multiple genres like Sports, Platformers, Racing, Fighting, RPGs. Heck, even a shmup is on here.


Not like this is by any means a top ten list but the moment you’ve all been waiting for at number one is SkyBlazer and the first thing I think about is why? What happened here? How did I miss this in 1994. Was I just too busy playing other platformers wasting my time like Bubsy? What could possibly go wrong?

Skyblazer makes use of the abilities very well and is a ton of fun. The music has an orchestra vibe to it and I really liked that. The only real downfalls to SkyBlazer is that it’s a bit easy and only having 17 levels makes it a bit short and you can complete it in a couple of hours or so.

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