Best Sega CD Games of All Time!

When considering your favorite retro game, we would bet you wouldn’t be thinking of the Sega CD being top of mind.

You might be catching yourself wondering was the Sega CD good? It absolutely was!

Considering the short lifespan of the console and being at the tail end of the Sega Genesis’ long lived 16 bit life, the Sega CD didn’t last very long.

There are a ton of options for the best Sega CD games so stick around because we’ll be covering only the greatest games.

Did Sega CD improve graphics?

Certainly, compared to the original Sega Genesis system, the visuals in several games were enhanced by the Sega CD.

The 1991 debut of the Sega CD, made it possible to play bigger games with more storage and better audio.

The last Sega CD game was Fahrenheit which is a wonderful point-and-click adventure game that follows a man named Lucas Kane as takes on studying a series of mysterious murders.


Secondly, you can travel through time! Hit a sign that says past or future and run as fast as you can in that direction to change time. Doing this will change the outcome of the game and will change the ending you’ll get.

Every zone is massive and we loved exploring each of the ways to progress. It’s well worth playing today on the Sega CD and has even been brought to numerous rereleases.

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