Best Neo Geo Pocket Color Games, That Are Worth Your Time!

The Neo Geo Pocket Color was absolutely the coolest handheld console from the 90s. It just wasn’t around long enough for people to grasp onto and create a large following for. Arguably, this could be considered Neo Geo’s best system of all time!

At only $70, SNK had only two percent of the hand held market when it was first released. It featured an 8 way joystick which is largely considered to be the best joystick on any handheld device, a full color screen and is very comparable to the form factor of the Sega Game Gear.


Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999

Even though Gameboy was arguably the best handheld console of all time, the Neo Geo Pocket Color had a real hidden gem in Dark Arms. One of two games that were a follow up to the Arcade classic, this top down Action-RPG gameplay with soul collecting aspects offers great gameplay and catchy sound effects. While not a true arcade follow up, Dark Arms is one of those portable adaptations where the variation is better than the arcade that it’s based on.

It’s short, consisting of only 6 dungeons to complete the game, taking roughly 5 hours to complete in full. Completionists can go through the dungeons and collect each of the souls, if that’s you’re thing. We really enjoyed the dark gothic feel of Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999 and consider it to be the best game on the Neo Geo Pocket Color.

‌‌We hope you enjoyed our listing of best Neo Geo Pocket Color games and found this topic interesting. If you agree with our list or wanted to let us know some standouts that should have made the cut, send us a notification on Twitter!

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