Best Cheap Gameboy Games – That Are Still Good Today!

Nintendo’s first try at entering the handheld console was with the DMG Gameboy. With the use of it’s monochrome dot matrix display, it provided excellent battery life for your portable gaming experience. With the ability to change games on the fly, the Gameboy was revolutionary.

The games were always fun for a portable console. They had the slogan, “Now You’re Playing With Portable Power” that really felt like you were bringing your Nintendo console on the go. With fantastic game franchises such as Tetris, Mario, Pokemon and Zelda the

Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands!

In addition to providing players with numerous opportunities to search for valuable items, this game also incorporates puzzle and platforming elements. As is to be expected from a Disney game, the graphics and music are bright and cheerful, with the exception of the intentionally spooky and sinister levels. I wish the developers had made more of an effort to improve the controls, which are quite basic and even limited.

The game’s relatively easy gameplay, straightforward controls, and moderate difficulty level are all signs that it is aimed at a younger audience. Despite the fact that this game is still enjoyable to play, the fact that it is a little on the shallow side and ends after only a few levels hurts the game as a whole and really reduces its replay value. We really liked that it’s one of the cheapest games on the GameBoy being only $12 for a loose copy.

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