4 Best Mario Kart 8 Setup For 100cc, Race to Victory!

Are you wondering what is the best combination in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 100cc?

If you’ve ever found yourself on the cusp of victory, yearning for that sweet taste of first place, then you’ve come to the right place!

Today, we unveil the ultimate guide to crafting the perfect Mario Kart 8 setup for conquering the thrilling 100cc races like a true champion.

Prior to starting our engines, let’s take a time to consider the significance of a carefully designed setup. Your character, kart, wheels, and glider all have a significant impact on how well you do on the track in Mario Kart 8.

The right combination of attributes, such as speed, acceleration, handling, and mini-turbo, can be the key to claiming victory in those fiercely contested 100cc races.

Now, let’s unveil the ultimate 100cc setup that will help you dominate the tracks and leave your competitors eating dust.


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4. Waluigi, Wild Wiggler, Roller, Paper Glider

Best Mario Kart 8 Setup For 100cc Waluigi

If you were ever wondering, how do you get 3 stars in 100cc Mario Kart 8? Waluigi is a fantastic way to reach these goals overall

1. Character: Waluigi

The most prominent figure in this scenario is Waluigi, with his lanky build and charming mischief. His balanced numbers serve as a great starting point for our 100cc voyage and guarantee a balanced performance on any track.

2. Kart: Wild Wiggler

The Wild Wiggler is a great option for 100cc racing in terms of karts. You have the control you need to manoeuvre through tight corners and keep your balance throughout the race thanks to this bike’s superb handling and traction.

3. Wheels: Roller

We choose the Roller as our wheel of choice. Its harmonious blend of acceleration and speed completes the overall configuration, giving you a respectable speed increase while yet assuring swift recoveries from any unexpected obstructions or attacks.

4. Glider: Paper Glider

To round out our setup, we choose the Paper Glider as the glider of choice. This glider adds a slight boost to your mini-turbo stat, enhancing your chances of securing crucial speed boosts during the race.

The Stats: A Perfect Balance

With this setup, you achieve the following stats:

  • Speed: 3.75
  • Acceleration: 3.5
  • Weight: 3.5
  • Handling: 3.5
  • Traction: 2.75
  • Mini-turbo: 3.75

This configuration strikes a perfect balance between speed and control.

You’ll have enough acceleration to quickly recover from potential mishaps, while still maintaining a respectable top speed to stay ahead of the competition.

3. Waluigi, Mr. Scooty, Roller, Paper Glider

Best Mario Kart 8 Setup For 100cc Waluigi 2

1. Character: Waluigi

Waluigi, the tall, lanky troublemaker, steals the show as the ideal character for this scenario. He is the perfect candidate to win the 100cc races thanks to his well-balanced stats, which also include strong acceleration and handling.

2. Kart: Mr. Scooty

The Mr. Scooty is the next vehicle, a little, light kart with exceptional agility and mobility. It is the best choice for outmanoeuvring opponents on winding tracks due to its excellent acceleration and low speed.

3. Wheels: Roller

We choose the Roller wheels for this configuration. Their strong mini-turbo stat completes the whole setup, giving you more frequent and potent mini-turbo boosts, which are crucial for keeping up momentum during the race.

4. Glider: Paper Glider

Lastly, we select the Paper Glider to accompany our setup. With a strong mini-turbo boost and balanced stats, this glider enhances your kart’s overall performance, ensuring that you have the competitive edge you need to secure that first-place finish.

The Stats: Unstoppable Speed and Agility

By combining Waluigi, Mr. Scooty, Roller, and the Paper Glider, you achieve the following stats:

  • Speed: 3
  • Acceleration: 4.5
  • Weight: 3.25
  • Handling: 3.5
  • Traction: 3
  • Mini-turbo: 4.5

With this configuration, you’ll enjoy an unrivalled level of acceleration, enabling you to quickly overcome barriers and get an advantage over your rivals right away.

The high mini-turbo stat grants you consistent boosts, perfect for executing swift and precise manoeuvres around tight corners.

2. Wario, Wild Wiggler, Roller, Paper Glider

Best Mario Kart 8 Setup For 100cc Wario

1. Character: Wario

Accept the exuberant and cheeky Wario as your persona. With his strong physique and charm, Wario is a force to be reckoned with on the 100cc circuits. He also boasts exceptional weight and speed.

2. Kart: Wild Wiggler

We decide to use the Wild Wiggler as our go-kart in our battle for triumph. The well-balanced characteristics of this bike provide a seamless combination of handling and speed, enabling you to swiftly negotiate each race’s turns and bends.

3. Wheels: Roller

Our preferred wheels for this arrangement are the Roller wheels. With a focus on speed and mini-turbo, these wheels give you that extra boost to gain an edge over your competitors, especially on straight stretches and after power slides.

4. Glider: Paper Glider

We chose the Paper Glider in order to complete our winning configuration. This glider will help you keep up your momentum and keep you in the running for the top spot thanks to its outstanding mini-turbo stat.

The Stats: A Formula for Success

By combining Wario, the Wild Wiggler, Roller wheels, and the Paper Glider, you’ll enjoy the following stats:

  • Speed: 4.25
  • Acceleration: 3.25
  • Weight: 4
  • Handling: 3
  • Traction: 2.5
  • Mini-turbo: 3.5

This setup emphasizes Wario’s substantial weight and top-notch speed while maintaining a respectable level of acceleration and handling.

The Roller wheels’ focus on mini-turbo boosts adds an extra layer of finesse to your racing strategy, making you a formidable contender on the track.

1. Wario, Mr. Scooty, Roller, Paper Glider

Best Mario Kart 8 Setup For 100cc Wario 2

1. Character: Wario

Accept the strength of Wario, the shrewd and powerful anti-hero, as your chosen persona. The foundation for a successful 100cc racing experience is laid by Wario’s well-balanced numbers, which include his outstanding weight and respectable speed.

2. Kart: Mr. Scooty

We decide to go with the nimble Mr. Scooty for our kart. With its remarkable acceleration, this little, light kart gives you the advantage you need to quickly negotiate each course’s perilous turns.

3. Wheels: Roller

The Roller wheels provide the ideal blend of speed and handling for our arrangement. You get the extra push you need to maintain momentum and gain a lead over them on the straights thanks to their mini-turbo stat.

4. Glider: Paper Glider

We decide to use the Paper Glider to complete our winning combo. This glider ensures that you can constantly execute strong boosts, putting you in front of the pack when it matters most thanks to an outstanding mini-turbo stat.

The Stats: A Symphony of Speed and Control

By combining Wario, the Mr. Scooty, Roller wheels, and the Paper Glider, you’ll have the following stats at your disposal:

  • Speed: 3.5
  • Acceleration: 4.25
  • Weight: 3.75
  • Handling: 3
  • Traction: 2.75
  • Mini-turbo: 4.25

This setup emphasizes acceleration and mini-turbo, giving you a remarkable burst of speed and the ability to recover quickly from any mishaps.

The weight of Wario provides stability and resistance to oncoming attacks, while the Roller wheels provide you fine control over your kart so you can easily navigate through confined spaces.


Best Mario Kart 8 Setup For 100cc C

We’ve embarked on an exhilarating journey through the twists and turns of the Mushroom Kingdom, seeking the ultimate Mario Kart 8 setup for 100cc races. It’s been a thrilling ride, exploring the ins and outs of character selection, kart bodies, wheels, and gliders, all while keeping a close eye on the need for speed – the secret ingredients for success.

We’ve discovered Wario’s strength as our naughty, powerful hero, guiding the quick Mr. Scooty over the colourful tracks. The Paper Glider ensures that we are flying high with powerful mini-turbos, while the Roller wheels, with their balance of speed and control, perfectly complement our arrangement.

You’ll find yourself blasting past your competitors with this precisely calibrated setup, leaving them speechless at your racing skill. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced karting pro, making these well-considered decisions will place you in the driver’s seat and position you to win.

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