14 Best Karts In Mario Kart 8

Hello, fellow kart racing fans! Today, we’re accelerating to full speed and plunging into the heart-pounding world of Mario Kart 8. This game can be quite thrilling if you’ve ever enjoyed the thrill of racing along vibrant tracks with your favourite Nintendo characters.

But let’s face it, you need the ideal set of wheels if you want to actually win the race and rule supreme on the circuit. That’s true, the karts are the driving force behind your racing prowess and the key to achieving those much desired triumphs.

We’ll go into the amazing world of Mario Kart 8 karts in this blog article, highlighting the top ones that will have you leaving your competitors in the dust. We know all about the most potent, quick, and fashionable karts that will elevate your gaming experience.

So buckle up, don your racing gloves and join us for this exciting voyage through Mario Kart 8’s top-tier karts whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the game or a beginner eager to taste sweet victory.

It’s time to get moving and leave a path of bananas and green shells in our wake, so fasten your seatbelts!

Ready? Move along!


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14  Yoshi With The Standard Bike

Best Karts In Mario Kart 8 Yoshi

Yoshi on the Standard Bike may not be as fast as some would want, but we’ve got a clever trick up our sleeves to make up for that. The Waddle Wing glider is now available! With the addition of this stylish component, you may increase your speed while maintaining the bike’s ideal weight.

Now, you might be wondering what regularly makes this combination effective. Vintage Off-Road tyres hold the key to the solution. By equipping your Standard Cycle with them, you’ll be able to drift with ease, cut through corners like a pro, and recover quickly even after taking a bothersome Red Shell damage.

The sharp curves, though, are what really make this place magical. With the Retro Off-Road tyres, you can easily navigate even the most challenging tracks while upping your cornering skills. Imagine yourself skilfully negotiating dangerous turns, your competitors in awe of your prowess.

Not to mention how quickly you can bounce back from the inescapable Red Shell ambush! You won’t be distracted by those bothersome shells any more. You’ll be back on your feet (or wheels) and prepared to retake the lead of the race in no time thanks to the exceptional traction of the Retro Off-Road tyres.

13  Baby Bug Mario

Best Karts In Mario Kart 8 Biddybuggy

Let’s start by talking about these little, pint-sized characters’ unmistakable charm. The key recurrent characters from the Mario series have cute baby counterparts. They’ll melt your heart faster than a Blue Shell can blow away your lead, from Baby Peach’s adorable pink frock to Baby Mario’s little red cap.

So don’t be fooled by their cuteness! Particularly Baby Mario has some cunning tactics up his teeny sleeves. He’s quite adept at driving despite being a toddler with a licence. You’ll be astounded by his tenacity and racing skill when he hits the courses.

Let’s now discuss upgrading Baby Mario’s playground kart to a circuit speed demon. The potent combination of the Biddybuggy and Cyber Slick tyres holds the secret. You can make Baby Mario’s Biddybuggy, an absurdly adorable vehicle, into a formidable vehicle by fitting these modern tyres to it.

With its ideal balance of control and speed, the Biddybuggy with Cyber Slick tyres enables you to outrun your competitors while retaining accuracy through challenging curves. You’ll find yourself outracing opponents as Baby Mario’s kart develops its running prowess, leaving them in the dust as you do so.

But that’s not all; this combination’s charm also comes in its adaptability. You can experiment with various gliders to increase specific stats based on your racing strategy. Customizing your glider might therefore provide you the extra edge you need on the racetrack, whether you’re looking for increased speed, acceleration, or handling.

12  Big Morton With The Pipe Frame

Best Karts In Mario Kart 8 Pipe Frame

Think again if you thought the Koopa King’s children were only for show. Eight of Bowser’s powerful children are included in Mario Kart 8, and each one of them has a special set of abilities that can impress even the most seasoned players.

Morton distinguishes out as a heavyweight force among this fierce group. He may be a powerful force to be reckoned with on the circuits because of his immense size and amazing racing abilities. Yet in order to fully realise Morton’s potential, you must pick the Kart that maximises his advantages while minimises any disadvantages.

Introducing the Pipe Frame Kart, a game-changer! Morton’s heavyweight characteristics are a wonderful fit for this nimble and balanced Kart. When Morton and the Pipe Frame Kart work together, you’ll be able to race around the tracks faster than anybody else, leaving them in your wake.

We’re not done yet, though! Tires might not be the most important aspect for Morton, but style should not be undervalued. The slick and fashionable GLA Tires will improve your racing experience. They won’t only spruce up your setup; they’ll also add a subtle touch of elegance to balance Morton’s commanding presence.

Imagine Morton, the powerful speedster, expertly navigating the circuits on the nimble Pipe Frame Kart, with the GLA Tires adding that extra dash of style. It’s a potent combo, prepared to rule every curve that the tracks present.

Yet the setup’s adaptability is what really sets it apart. You’ll be able to boldly take on the single-player 150cc division with this well-balanced combo and be ready to win that desired gold. This combo has it all, from smooth cornering to heart-pounding acceleration, giving it the ideal recipe for success.

11  Isabelle In The Shoe

Best Karts In Mario Kart 8 Isabelle

Introducing the Sneeker, the ultimate upgrade that will revolutionise your racing experience! Imagine a big shoe on wheels that would be novel, fashionable, and most importantly, a game-changer on the tracks. This amazing kart ensures you leave your competitors in the dust with a combination of superb handling and exceptional acceleration.

What about the Sneeker’s lack of speed, you might be asking. Fear not, though; it more than makes up for it with remarkable manoeuvrability. You’ll be able to manoeuvre through tight bends and complex turns with the Sneeker, giving you the advantage in every race. The Sneeker is the solution if you’re prepared to tear through the circuits with unparalleled agility.

Yet, we won’t stop there! Think about using the Flower Glider to increase traction if you want to up your racing game. In addition to enhancing Isabelle’s beauty, this lovely glider also offers a modest advantage on the racetrack. A little bit of more traction can mean the difference between a spectacular win and a discouraging loss.

Picture yourself flying through the skies, the Flower Glider’s accuracy guiding you as you assuredly face every difficulty Mario Kart 8 presents to you. You may unleash your full racing ability with the help of the dynamic pair that consists of the Sneeker and the Flower Glider.

The Sneeker’s handling and acceleration will be your finest allies as you navigate the busy streets of the Mushroom Kingdom and the exhilarating Rainbow Route. You’ll feel the rush of victory rushing through your veins as you fly past your rivals.

10  Wario’s Pink Cat Car

Best Karts In Mario Kart 8 Wario's Pink Cat Car

The Cat Cruiser, Wario’s preferred kart, may look amusing due to its design inspired by cats, but don’t be fooled by its appearance. The Cat Cruiser is a powerful vehicle with advantageous features that can significantly improve your karting performance.

Low traction on submerged areas of the tracks can be a problem, especially on courses like the Mushroom Cup. But do not worry, since the Cyber-Slick tyres are the ideal solution! With these high-performance tyres on your Cat Cruiser, you’ll notice a noticeable increase in weight and speed. These benefits more than make up for the lack of traction, allowing you to manoeuvre past underwater obstacles with unrivalled dexterity.

On abrasive desert courses like Cheese Land and Dry Dry Desert, however, is where the Cat Cruiser really shines. You’ll find yourself expertly negotiating the sand dunes, leaving your rivals in your dust, thanks to the speed and weight improvements of the Cyber-Slick tyres.

Let’s now discuss style, which is a crucial component of any karting experience. The Wario Wing enters the picture here. The Wario Wing not only gives your setup some flair, but it also enables you to race in the most fashionable way imaginable. After all, acting the part and performing well go hand in hand, don’t they?

You will have the tools necessary to overcome the most difficult desert tracks and wow your competitors with the Cat Cruiser, Cyber-Slick tyres, and Wario Wing. As you race to victory, Wario’s fierceness and distinctive personality will reverberate throughout the circuits.

9  City Tripping Isabelle

Best Karts In Mario Kart 8 Isabelle 2

Let’s discuss what makes this combination so unique. Isabelle’s endearing personality and the Animal Crossing scooter’s design go together nicely, making her feel at home on the tracks. Beyond looks, this scooter has some astounding specs that make Isabelle a speed demon of the highest order!

The scooter’s light weight provides quick agility, and Isabelle can take off like a rocket from the starting line thanks to its rapid acceleration. Her racing prowess is further enhanced by the flawless handling, which enables her to navigate even the most challenging tracks with ease. Isabelle’s new vehicle more than makes up for the City Tripper’s lack of speed, so say goodbye to it!

The Retro Off-road tyres work best when paired with a durable glider, like the Plane Glider. In addition to enhancing Isabelle’s sense of adventure, this glider increases her speed. With the Plane Glider, she may boldly take on those challenging jumps and quickly glide to victory.

Not to mention the challenging Turnip Cup and Star Cup tracks, which are the real test for a karting combo. Isabelle’s setup is ideal for these difficulties, enabling her to elegantly handle every turn without tiring.

Using Villager in the Animal Crossing scooter is a good replacement for people who would prefer a different driver. But there’s no denying that Isabelle’s sweetness is a winning quality that can’t be beaten!

So, fellow racers, embrace Isabelle’s gorgeous speedster outfit if you’re prepared to navigate challenging races with style and quickness. Your racing experience will be elevated to new heights with the Animal Crossing scooter, Retro Off-road tyres, and Plane Glider, which are all waiting for you.

8  Big Ape On A Little Scooter

Best Karts In Mario Kart 8 Donkey Kong

Finding the ideal balance is essential for maximising Donkey Kong’s potential. One of the heavier characters in the game, he must be paired with a vehicle that is both compact and quick. Enter Mr. Scooty, a little and nimble kart that skillfully balances Donkey Kong’s size. You’ll be able to balance his weight with this small car, keep excellent control, and gain an advantage on the racetrack.

But there’s more! We advise using the Monster tyres to improve balance and visibility even more. More stability is provided by these durable and dependable tyres, ensuring that you stay on course even when navigating the trickiest corners. You’ll always have a clear line of sight thanks to increased traction and visibility, allowing you to make better decisions.

Let’s now discuss the special difficulty that Donkey Kong’s enormous character size offers. Track expertise is essential if he is to make the most of his appearance on the screen. You may carefully plan your manoeuvres by avoiding obstacles and choosing favourable shortcuts if you are aware of the layouts and curves of each track. Also, using goods skillfully can have a big impact on how well you do, so take use of them whenever you can.

Use the Parachute glider to give this powerful combination an extra edge. With its air-boosting benefits, you’ll gain the upper hand in aerial sequences and be able to gracefully fly over your rivals. The Parachute Glider is a terrific addition to the Donkey Kong series because it balances the tremendous force of Donkey Kong with a touch of elegance.

7  Blue Falcon Bowser

Best Karts In Mario Kart 8 Blue Falcon Bowser

Our team has created the perfect karting combination that will astound your rivals in order to bring out Bowser’s true racing ability. To balance Bowser’s intimidating weight, you’ll need the small but mighty Blue Falcon Kart first. You can precisely manage those broad drifts and keep your desired top speed when you have this svelte vehicle at your disposal.

But this is just the beginning! Go no further than the formidable Cyber Slick tyres and the intimidating Bowser Kite to completely maximise Bowser’s capabilities. The Cyber Slick tyres provide unmatched traction and control, ensuring that even during those hairpin corners you have a firm grip on the courses. They make the perfect karting team when combined with the Bowser Kite. This famous glider adds some style.

The races that Bowser performs best in must now be taken into account. For circuit races, when speed and handling are paramount, this combination is ideal. You’ll be zipping through those courses with grace and power while your competitors are unable to catch up thanks to the Bowser Kite, Cyber Slick tyres, and Blue Falcon Kart.

It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that this combination might not be ideal for slick and winding circuits like Ice Ice Outpost. Due to the acceleration being a little slow in such terrain, you can run into problems. But don’t let that get you down! No matter the configuration, riding with Bowser is always an exciting trip.

6  Waluigi’s Wild Wigglin’

Best Karts In Mario Kart 8 Waluigi Wild Wigglin

You’ll become aware of the special drift that the Roller wheels offer as you move along the racetrack. Gaining proficiency with this broad drift can offer you an advantage in tricky bends and tight corners, however it may take some getting accustomed to. If you prefer a tighter drift, don’t worry—the Off-Road tyres’ adaptability will come in handy. Make the Wild Wiggler your ideal personalised racing vehicle by experimenting with various Off-Road tyres to fine-tune the drift to your desire.

Let’s now discuss the crucial element that elevates this combination to new heights: the MKTV parafoil. This glider selection not only enhances the Wild Wiggler’s agility but also significantly reduces the weight of the Kart. You’ll consequently encounter even

The Wild Wiggler combined with the MKTV parafoil ensures an amazing experience that will leave you craving more, whether you’re racing down Rainbow Road or gliding around Bowser’s Castle.

5  All Gold Everything

Best Karts In Mario Kart 8 Gold Mario

The Gold Mario combo is without a doubt the best in class in terms of performance. Gold Mario’s combination with the appropriate Kart, wheels, and glider provides a unique playing experience on the tracks. This golden outfit is a force to be reckoned with, leaving your adversaries in your wake thanks to its tremendous speed and precise handling.

Unlocking the Gold Mario combination is not simple, though, as with all things valuable. It demands commitment, talent, and a lot of playing. Only the most dedicated and talented racers can accomplish this prestigious setup. But don’t lose heart; when you see Gold Mario’s might in action, every second you spend on the tracks will be well worth it.

Although obtaining the entire Gold set is a difficult task, the benefits are nothing short of extraordinary. Every second spent working towards Gold Mario will be worthwhile due to the speed, handling, and total supremacy you acquire on the circuits. The rush of achievement will overtake you as you effortlessly outpace your rivals, and you’ll realise that you’ve accomplished something genuinely extraordinary.

Your racing prowess will be put to the ultimate test in the quest to win first place in every race in the whole game in order to unlock Gold Mario. It’s a difficult battle, but it’s breathtaking to see Gold Mario shine as you cross the finish line with victory.

4  Tiny Scooting Daisy

Best Karts In Mario Kart 8 Daisy

Let’s start by discussing the unusual and unexpected pairing of Baby Daisy and Mr. Scooty. The toy scooter might appear too ridiculous to be taken seriously at first, but when Baby Daisy is in charge, believe us when we say it’s a force to be reckoned with. This unusual pair turns into a potent team, leaving rival racers in the dust as they sprint to victory.

We advise fitting the Mr. Scooty with Slick tyres to strengthen this potent combination. These tyres significantly increase speed, giving Baby Daisy the advantage she needs to rule the tracks. Don’t worry about losing control of the toy scooter despite the increased pace; Baby Daisy will effortlessly handle this nimble machine with grace and finesse.

Let’s now discuss the tactical advantage this combo offers, particularly on Mario Kart Tour’s challenging tracks. The ideal opportunity to unleash Baby Daisy and Mr. Scooty is when you’re facing the difficult circuits of Mario Kart Tour. They become an unstoppable force on the tracks thanks to their outstanding speed and precise handling.

But that’s not all; this combo’s capacity to benefit from short cuts is one of its most thrilling features. You’ll be able to take advantage of shortcuts like never before thanks to Baby Daisy’s quick reactions and Mr. Scooty’s agility, giving you a priceless advantage over your rivals.

3  Inkling Girl And Matching Buggy

Best Karts In Mario Kart 8 Inkling Girl

Finding those combinations in Mario Kart 8 where form and function come together naturally is one of the game’s true thrills. And with Inkling Girl and the Splat Buggy, you’ll definitely find that. This combination, which comes from the vibrant world of Splatoon, injects some freshness into the racing scene and captures both your eyes and your competitive heart.

Inkling Girl and the Splat Buggy have some splat-tastic speed to offer, so let’s explore that. This outstanding pair excels in a variety of areas, making them a force to be reckoned with on the tracks. The skill of the Inkling Girl and the agility of the Splat Buggy work together to produce a synergy that surpasses even the most formidable racers.

Yet, we won’t stop there! We advise boosting this powerful combination with the Super Glider and Off-Road tyres. The Off-Road tyres offer the perfect resistance and control for tackling fast and jump-heavy circuits, while the Super Glider adds a touch of grace, enabling you to fly through the air with ease.

When you have the Inkling Girl and Splat Buggy combination, in particular, tracks like Excitebike Arena and Dragon Driftway in the Egg Cup become an enormous pleasure. You’ll find yourself flying through the race with unbounded excitement because of their superb handling and ability to handle jumps with ease.

2  Supersonic Pink Gold Peach

Best Karts In Mario Kart 8 Gold Peach

Let’s start by discussing Pink Gold Peach’s top choice of vehicle on these renowned tracks: the speedy Jet Bike. The Jet Bike is Pink Gold Peach’s ideal ally as she rips through the Golden Dash Cup courses thanks to its svelte design and unmatched speed capabilities. Elegant and powerful together is simply unbeatable.

We advise fitting the Jet Cycle with the Crimson Slim tyres to further accentuate this powerful combination. With the improved handling provided by these tyres, Pink Gold Peach is better able to manoeuvre through the track’s fast-paced stages. She excels at striking the ideal balance between speed and control, establishing a commanding presence on the track.

And let’s not overlook the Peach Parasol’s significant contribution. Pink Gold Peach is graced by this adorable glider, which also helps to take some of the weight off of her sturdy metal frame. She will perform better and fly to greater heights thanks to the Peach Parasol, genuinely shining on the racetrack.

It’s critical to fix the traction issue right now. While Pink Gold Peach may not have the best traction, she truly excels on racetrack-style surfaces. These tracks’ wide, smooth surfaces wonderfully play to her strengths, letting her show off her full potential and transforming her into an unmistakable (pink) golden star.

Best Karts In Mario Kart 8 Link

You can’t help but be enthralled as you follow Link on his epic trip over the railway rails because of his heroism and unflinching resolve. The Hero of Hyrule demonstrates that he is a true racing legend as well as an adventure legend.

But where does this combination excel the most?

The challenging tracks, especially those in The Bell Cup, hold the key to the solution. Here, Link reaches his full potential as he valiantly faces every turn, obstacle, and difficulty that stands in his way. He can easily complete these courses, leaving his rivals trailing in awe thanks to his knowledge of the Master Cycle and Triforce Tires.

So, fellow racers, saddle up and follow the Hero of Hyrule on this epic voyage in Mario Kart 8 if you’re ready to see him in action. As you race alongside Link, feel the rush of speed, the thrill of triumph, and the essence of heroism.

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