15 Best Mario Kart Characters to Play As!

Hello, fellow kart racing fans! Welcome to our action-packed blog post, as we set out on a trip to find the pinnacle of the Mario Kart universe. You’re in for a treat if you’ve ever been enthralled by the rush of hurtling through imaginative racetracks, dodging bothersome shells, and flinging sneaky banana peels! To assure your victorious path to victory, we’re delving far into the game’s core today in search of the most dangerous competitor.

You might be wondering, who is the best character for Mario Kart?

Hold on tight as we reveal the mysteries behind the special skills and racing prowess of each character. We’ll examine how specific characters can alter the course of events in this tense confrontation, lifting you from the back of the pitch to a front-row victory dance.

Fasten your seatbelt as we deftly navigate through the enormous selection of eccentric, recognisable characters this game has to offer. Each persona has its own set of skills and gimmicks, from the courageous plumbers Mario and Luigi to the sly and cunning Bowser. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the most precise and thorough information regarding keywords, ensuring that you have the greatest information possible to make an informed choice.

We’ll reveal the technique of selecting the optimal character that fits your playstyle and helps you advance towards the coveted championship cups as you go deeper into this engrossing read. To ensure an exciting trip with no place for dull moments, be ready to discover the unexpected as we illuminate the burstiness and ambiguity of each contender’s performance.


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15. Metal Mario/Pink Gold Peach

Best Mario Kart Character Metal Mario Pink Gold Peach

These characters have been overtaken by more aesthetically arresting equivalents since their introduction in Mario Kart 7. But don’t be fooled by their unimpressive appearances; they have hidden abilities that can make or break any race in Mario Kart 8.

See how their excellent traction and typical small turbo boosts enable them to gently glide through bends, leaving their competition in wonder, and learn the art of precision drifting. They do, however, have some flaws, just like every racer; their poor handling on land and in the water creates particular difficulties for the player.

Do not worry; we have you covered. Choose the ideal kart combination that emphasises acceleration with the kart customization secrets, and Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach will be propelled to new heights of glory. See how they easily outperform their competitors when given the correct tools.

14. Luigi

Best Mario Kart Character Luigi

See Luigi’s well-rounded stats to see where he compares to his well-known brother Mario and find the ideal balance. Luigi has a tiny advantage with a stellar handling score of 3.75, making him an expert at navigating even the most challenging courses. Discover how to take use of this edge by designing the optimal loadout that plays to Luigi’s advantages, allowing him to glide around the tracks in 150cc with unmatched ease, particularly when utilising the art of drafting mechanics.

Examine the tactical ramifications of Luigi’s position in the medium weight division. It may not provide him with many benefits, but it also protects him from the disadvantages. Say goodbye to concerns that you’ll take a beating from tough opponents like Bowser or Donkey Kong since Luigi will expertly navigate the mayhem.

Luigi may not be considered the best Mario Kart 8 character, but his dependability and adaptability make him a vital asset in every race situation. Luigi has got your back whether you’re an experienced racer searching for a reliable performance or a beginner hoping to make a big impression on the tracks.

13. Waluigi

Best Mario Kart Character Waluigi

Retrace Waluigi’s steps to Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, where he first established himself as a middleweight contender. In Mario Kart 8, he makes a strong default appearance and commands more attention than ever before on the racetracks.

Waluigi’s abilities are comparable to those of his heavy-class rivals, with respectable acceleration and stunning top speeds. Yet things aren’t always easy for this fascinating character. He can be a little unsteady and unpredictable, so players will have to face the difficulty of controlling him on both land and in the sea.

But do not worry—we have the winning plan! Despite Waluigi’s mediocre acceleration, shrewd players can get an advantage over the competition by carefully choosing a kart that prioritises acceleration, making up for slower turbo rates.

The air holds the key to releasing Waluigi’s greatest potential. Players can take advantage of Waluigi’s unmatched high speeds while flying by strategically maximising his time spent flying, which will put rival racers in the rearview mirror and make Waluigi an unbeatable force on the tracks.

12. Mii

Best Mario Kart Character Mii

The Mii is the featured unlockable character in Mario Kart 8, but it won’t be easy to unlock! To fully utilise the Mii, making the appropriate choice during customising is essential. Join us as we reveal the mysteries underlying the Mii’s stat changes, which are solely based on the player’s selection of size and width.

The Mii should be placed in the heavy weight division in order to compete at the greatest level. But that’s not all; kart customisation is where the real magic happens. Players can construct a powerful force that rivals even the most well-known characters in the game by choosing a heavier build and combining it with a kart that favours outstanding handling.

Watch as your Mii turns into a speed demon with character-level land speeds, as well as traction and acceleration that can keep up with classes of medium and light weights. The Mii emerges as a legitimate competitor with this potent setup, prepared to take on any challenge that comes its way.

11. Shy Guy

Best Mario Kart Character Shy Guy

Shy Guy has won the hearts of the Mario Kart community since its insignificant beginnings as a guest character in Mario Kart DS, cemented its status as a beloved favourite. The fun doesn’t end there, though! Players now have access to a vibrant selection of nine distinct coloured skins for Shy Guy thanks to the most recent DLC, giving this well-liked ghost a delightfully unique touch of customization.

Settle in as we investigate Shy Guy’s amazing acceleration, which places them among the leaders after the gun. Shy Guy’s excellent traction and handling abilities as a light-weight character allow them to deftly manoeuvre through the maze of other karts, leaving opponents in awe of their elegance.

But, watch out for lightning strikes! At these thrilling times, larger karts can be a challenge for our charming masked racer, possibly resulting in a chaotic trampling over Shy Guy’s path.

But do not worry—Shy Guy has a few sly little tricks under its sleeve! Their strategic prowess comes through with a well-timed display of micro turbos and unmatched acceleration despite having mediocre top speeds. Shy Guy tops the list of light-class characters thanks to this lethal mix, ensuring that they recover quickly from those crafty Mario Kart item attacks.

10. Donkey Kong

Best Mario Kart Character Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong’s inclusion in the Mario Kart lineup has always been greeted with fervent applause and boasts an enormous library of self-titled games. His appeal knows no bounds, and racers from all backgrounds decide to embrace the excitement of the race alongside this legendary figure.

Because to his height and weight, Donkey Kong commands a strong presence on the tracks, which creates a challenging playing environment. He does, however, have several drawbacks with other heavy-class figures. Do not worry; we have you covered. Learn the skill of choosing the ideal wheels to keep a perfect balance and let Donkey Kong reach his full potential.

Even while Donkey Kong’s acceleration initially seems slow, as he picks up speed and deftly navigates water obstacles, there is no stopping this racing legend. See the pure excitement of his unrivalled racing prowess, which leaves few characters on the cast able to keep up.

9. Dry Bones

Best Mario Kart Character dry bones

Players that select Dry Bones as their rival in Mario Kart 8 races will experience a special blend of benefits and drawbacks. His outstanding handling and acceleration offer players a nimble and agile advantage that enables them to quickly negotiate the difficult tracks. This is the first sign of optimism.

There are obstacles along the way. Despite the agility with which Dry Bones soars, his top speed and weight are not as outstanding as those of some of his rivals. Worry not, though, as we will teach you the finer points of defensive tactics, enabling players to stop the advances of their rivals and keep Dry Bones on track.

8. Rosalina

Best Mario Kart Character Rosalina

Rosalina and Link both fall into the intriguing category of medium-weight characters, which is the more elite division of this cutthroat group. These outstanding speedsters elevate the racing experience to a new level with their combined weight and skill set.

Rosalina’s cosmic skills go far beyond her speed, though, so that’s not all. She possesses a great advantage of taking blows from other characters because she is a true princess of resiliency. Also, she outperforms other medium-weight racers at handling knockbacks, reinforcing her position as a strong force on the courses.

Rosalina stands out thanks to how she is portrayed differently in the game. She is not depicted as a newborn, unlike other iterations of her character, allowing gamers to fully appreciate the strength of her presence. Rosalina has become one of the most notable and beloved characters to the Mario games thanks to her celestial charm and unrelenting speed.

Best Mario Kart Character Link

Link ranks among the top characters in Mario Kart 8 with an excellent total stat score of 21.2. He is the perfect choice for motorbikes or ATVs because of his command of traction and speed, which creates the conditions for a memorable racing experience.

With a remarkable basic speed number of 4, Link ranks among the game’s quickest characters and promises a thrilling burst of speed to those who are brave enough to accept the challenge. Speed by itself, though, won’t ensure success. Mastering the delicate art of drifting, turning, and skillfully avoiding obstacles on the tracks is the key to true success.

Players encounter a thrilling struggle similar to protecting Hyrule as they manoeuvre through tight turns. It can be just as difficult as any heroic quest to strike a balance between the requirement for speed and the precision needed to navigate complex turns without losing the edge.

6. Morton

Best Mario Kart Character Morton

Morton and Roy both have numbers that are remarkably comparable in Mario Kart 8, however Morton’s weight class distinguishes him and puts him above average. Morton is a top racer when it comes to top speeds because of his abilities off the track as an underling of the king of koopas.

Enjoy the rush of racing with Morton, whose weight gives him access to speeds faster than most other characters in the game while yet keeping excellent acceleration control. He smoothly glides past his opponents, leaving them in his wake as you watch in admiration.

Yet, Morton’s ascent to fame wasn’t without its difficulties. His handling and micro turbos are among the worst in the game, falling under the very heavy weight category. But do not worry—we have the answer! Find out how to create the ideal kart by masterfully balancing these flaws, guaranteeing Morton stays a formidable contender.

5. Baby Mario/Baby Luigi

Best Mario Kart Character Baby mario

The two protagonist brothers of the franchise certainly stand out among the countless baby characters available. Consider placing your bet on this powerful combination as you race across the racetrack for an exciting experience.

The baby princesses provide a good option, but because of their slightly slower speed, they lag behind the baby Mario brothers’ breakneck speed. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi have distinguished themselves in the light weight division by finding a special place for themselves and proving that they can compete with the heavy hitters.

What sets the baby Mario brothers apart from the rest is their exceptional acceleration and handling. Prepare to be amazed as they navigate the tracks with finesse and precision, leaving opponents in awe of their tiny yet mighty skills.

4. Bowser

Best Mario Kart Character Bowser

Bowser is an enduring symbol of evil, and because to his immense popularity, he appears in every Mario Kart game on a regular basis. Bowser’s strength on the tracks is evident as a VIP extremely heavyweight character, with top speeds that are only matched by two other characters in the game.

But, immense power necessitates tactical decisions. Even though Bowser is unstoppable on land, he needs to be careful when travelling by water and air. It is critical for him to stay away from these circumstances as much as possible because of his noticeably poor handling in them.

Bowser, though, is in charge of claiming the territory. His weight and reliable speed give him a significant edge on solid ground, allowing him to dominate his opponents. Watch in astonishment as he fearlessly bulldozes past the competition, leaving the other drivers trailing behind his kart in a helpless state.

3. Dry Bowser

Best Mario Kart Character Dry Bowser

Dry Bowser, who was revived in the second DLC pack, now stands as a formidable opponent who is prepared to leave a fiery trail on the tracks. While looking similar to Bowser, Dry Bowser has an incredible advantage over his rivals thanks to a weight difference.

While some of his numbers may be less impressive than those of the majority of light and medium characters, it is his breathtaking speed that truly distinguishes him on the racecourse. Be prepared to be in awe as Dry Bowser flies past opponents with lightning-fast accuracy, solidifying his status as a formidable rival.

Dry Bowser is one of the few characters in the very heavy weight category, falling into the elite subcategory of heavy characters. His handling and traction, which confound expectations by approximating the average of lighter options overall, are what really distinguish him. Dry Bowser emerges as a rare jewel among the very heavy racers, possessing the elegance and control of lighter characters.

2. Yoshi

Best Mario Kart Character Yoshi

Yoshi is a force to be reckoned with on the tracks because to his strong performance across the board and his remarkable statistics in acceleration, handling, and traction. Players will learn the true meaning of speed, agility, and control as they compete with this legendary mascot.

Yoshi stands out from the crowd due to his exceptional capacity for overcoming difficulties, especially while operating an ATV or heavier vehicles. Watch in astonishment as Yoshi masterfully negotiates challenging terrain, leaving rivals in his wake as he gracefully completes the course.

One fun element shines out as fans enjoy the thrill of racing alongside Yoshi: the ability to select from a huge variety of colours! Every player may customise their Yoshi thanks to this special feature, providing a custom experience that fits their distinct preferences and style. There are countless colour combinations to choose from, from bold hues to delicate tones, guaranteeing that every player will find the ideal Yoshi friend.

1. Wario

Best Mario Kart Character Wario

Wario assumes control as the game’s leading very heavy competitor and is the current heavyweight champion. His speed and traction are renowned. Wario demonstrates to be unparalleled in raw strength and elegance, making him a fearsome force on the circuits whether he rides his customised motorcycle or any combination of karts.

Wario is almost unstoppable at the front of the pack when he maintains his high speeds, leaving other characters scrambling to keep up. He has a craving for speed and a relentless quest for success. His knowledge of the racing craft is demonstrated by his skill in navigating tight drift turns and effortlessly surging into first place, leaving rivals in his flaming wake.

But it’s not just his skills that make him the ultimate racer in Mario Kart 8 – it’s also his extensive experience behind the wheel and his prolific presence throughout the Mario Kart series. Wario’s journey through the races has shaped him into a seasoned competitor, solidifying his position as an icon of the game.


Best Mario Kart Character c

We’ve learned from our research that a player’s personal preferences and style ultimately determine the best Mario Kart character. Some people might find comfort in the multifaceted skills of Mario and Luigi, while others would prefer the agility and dexterity of Yoshi or the unbridled strength of Wario. Also, racers even in the 200cc mode choose Dry Bones and Rosalina for their eccentric behaviours and cosmic prowess, respectively.

The actual charm of Mario Kart resides in the player’s capacity to use their selected character’s powers and make tactical judgements on the tracks, despite the fact that each character has strengths and limitations. Race after race, we return for more of this exhilarating adventure in search of the coveted champion title.

Let’s celebrate the variety and excitement that each character adds to the game as we continue to compete in the fast-paced races of Mario Kart. In the universe of Mario Kart, the best character is the one that makes your racing experience fun and exciting, whether you’re drifting precisely, boosting to the finish line, or pulling off stunning acrobatics.

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