4 Best Pokemon Yellow ROM Hacks (2023)

Thank you for visiting our blog post about the top Pokemon Yellow ROM hacks, Pokemon fans! You’ve arrived to the correct location if you enjoy the original Pokemon Yellow game and are searching for a novel and thrilling experience. In this post, we will dig into the realm of ROM hacks and showcase the best ones that give the cherished Pokemon Yellow edition a fresh new look.

Are you prepared to set off on a nostalgic voyage chock full of cutting-edge games, interesting obstacles, and exhilarating adventures? Join us as we reveal some ROM hacks that will make you fall in love with Pokemon Yellow all over again and provide you hours of enjoyment.


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4. Pokemon Yellow Advanced

Pokemon Yellow ROM Hacks Pokemon Yellow Advanced

Be ready for an amazing range of changes and improvements that will refresh your Pokemon journey. This is a sneak preview of the lengthy list of changes you may anticipate:

Expanded Move Sets and Fresh Learning Opportunities

The majority of Pokemon get new moves at level 1 thanks to this updated ROM hack. Be ready for a nice surprise since all Pokemon, including starters, get access to 1, 2, or even 3 additional moves straight now! The unique moves included in Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee have also been carefully chosen from the lengthy range of Egg moves and move tutor possibilities accessible up to Generation 7. Also, when your Pokemon advance in level, they may now learn more Generation 1 moves, providing a larger choice of tactical options.

A stunning number of 553 new moves have been expertly and elegantly included into the move repertoires of 151 Pokémon. When you discover the expanded move pools of your favourite Pokemon, be ready for a new wave of excitement. To preserve their distinctive qualities, Ditto, Caterpie, Weedle, and Magikarp have been left out of these adjustments.

Revamped Geography and Refreshing Decorations

Pokemon Yellow ROM Hacks Pokemon Yellow Advanced 1

Get ready for a journey enhanced by sight! The game’s routes have been lengthened to provide you a more immersive experience as you travel across Kanto’s many landscapes. Empty homes along these pathways have been beautifully decorated, providing a touch of life and authenticity to your surroundings and deepening the sense of immersion.

Improved Shopping Experience and Cost Reductions

The costs of numerous necessary things have been sharply decreased in order to improve your gaming experience. These price cuts apply to a variety of things, and were inspired by the clearance deals discovered on Goldenrod City’s Department Store rooftop in Pokemon Crystal. You’ll find it simpler to stock up on these needs, especially at the beginning of your quest, from Poké Balls and potions to full Heals, revives, and vitamins.

The Moon Stone, Ether, and Elixir, among other goods, now have a price associated with them that corresponds to their ensuing legal pricing in later games. Your gaming experience gains consistency from this focus on the little things.

All Pokemon players and trainers are needed! A captivating spin-off that will lead you on a lovely tour across the KANTO area is coming, so be ready. Presenting the exciting new installment in the Pokemon Clover series, Pokemon Periwinkle Version – Special Blobbos Edition. The story of this game, which is set a few months after generation 1’s events, delivers a fresh and original experience that will surely captivate you.

Pikachu Tee

A Captivating Story and Adorable Protagonist

When you put yourself in the shoes of the charming and resolute girl heroine, be ready to be enchanted. Who could resist a person who is so endearing? You’ll be drawn into an engaging tale that will keep you fascinated from beginning to end with a brand-new plot that develops before the events of Clover.

Meet the Prolific Fakemon: Blobbos

Pokemon Yellow ROM Hacks Special Blobbos Edition 1

Prepare to meet Blobbos, the most prolific fakemon ever seen! Everything that was formerly Pikachu has been changed into the charming Blobbi in this special edition. When you go across the huge KANTO area, you will certainly fall in love with these endearing critters.

A Multitude of Pocketo Monsutas to Collect

You’ll have your hands busy gathering and training a wide variety of unusual and intriguing critters with 156 Pocketo Monsutas (that’s Pokemon in the Kanto area). Find out about new species’ capabilities and assemble a strong squad that matches your playstyle.

A number of intriguing features are included in the Teddiursa RomHack to improve your gaming experience. Experience a completely unique beginning that sets the scene for your journey with Teddiursa as your devoted companion. See the improved stats of Teddiursa’s evolved version, Ursaring, which gives your battles a new level of might.

A distinctive and meticulously crafted move set has been provided to Teddiursa, offering a dynamic and strategic gaming experience. Be ready to utilise your Partner Bear’s full potential as you battle difficult trainers and catch wild Pokémon.

Refined Visuals and Customizations

Although working within the constraints of the game’s colour palette, some colour modifications have been added to give the graphics a little bit of newness. With these little changes, the environment of Pokemon Yellow is given fresh life, resulting in a visually appealing experience that enhances your trip with Teddiursa.


Pokemon Yellow ROM hacks have something to offer any trainer, whether they’re looking for a more enthralling fighting experience, a difficult quest with Nuzlocke regulations, or a chance to discover new lands. Immerse yourself in the realm of ROM hacks to see the inventiveness and originality that the Pokemon community has produced.

Why then wait?

Exploit the full potential of your gaming experience by diving into the fascinating world of Pokemon Yellow ROM hacks. Enjoy the thrill of rediscovering a cherished classic with new insights, surprises, and engrossing gameplay mechanics.

Enjoy the memories, participate in action-packed combat, and learn about fresh narratives and opportunities. There are several Pokémon Yellow ROM hacks available, thus the experiences you may have there are virtually endless.

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