Astyanax NES Review

Astyanax or however you pronounce it is basically a clone of Legendary Axe on the PC Engine. The gameplay is quite simple, you run from left to right bashing skeletons over the head with your Axe, making it to the end of the stage will often lead to a boss. The first thing I noticed when going through the first stage of the game is the sprites are just massive. The main character is at least doubled in size over other action platformers on the NES.


The music in Astyanax is average at best. Are we starting to get a feel for where Astyanax falls in terms of best action platformers on the NES? The best way I could describe it is that everything feels suspenseful. If you were expecting Bloody Tears quality of tracks, you’ll be disappointed then.

Astyanax isn’t perfect but is a great action platforming game on the NES and is easily in the top 100 games on the system. It’s also still very affordable at around $10 a copy loose which is odd considering there are a ton of more common NES games that command double if not triple the cost of Astyanax. So yes, grab a copy of Astyanax NES while you still can.

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