Alisia Dragoon (Sega Genesis) Review

Action RPG Platformer games are few and far between on the Sega Genesis. Most of them are either a platformer or an RPG. Of course there’s the Monster World Series, which is more of an adventure game than anything.

You really have to dig deep to find the blend of platformer mixed with RPG elements on the Genesis, let alone a good one. Looking at the box art art of Alisia Dragoon, You’re met with a cover that screams generic fantasy game so you can see why this went under the radar by a ton of people for a very long time.


The sound effects were a little bland from what you just heard but the music itself is top notch.

Another problem with Alisia Dragoon is finding a copy. It’s slowly climbed to about 100 USD for a loose copy. Luckily it’s been released on the Sega Genesis Mini along with a bunch of other great games. The only thing stopping Alisia Dragoon from becoming a masterpiece is it’s difficulty. If you can put that aside, It’s definitely worth a playthrough.

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