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Zelda 2: Finding All Heart Containers

In the ever-expanding world of video gaming, few titles hold the iconic status that The Legend of Zelda series does. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is a shining gem in this storied franchise, challenging players with its unique blend of action and RPG elements.

One crucial aspect of conquering this game is knowing how to effectively find those heart containers, unlocking crucial energy for that long journey through Hyrule!


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1. Saving Your Progress: The Key to Success

Zelda 2: Finding All Heart Containers 1
  • Location: Parapa Desert

To begin your quest for save point mastery, venture into the enigmatic Parapa Desert. Here, no special conditions are required; all you need is your wits and courage. As you traverse the desert’s harsh terrain, you’ll come across a scene where you must skillfully jump over treacherous water pits while dodging menacing bubbles.

The path will eventually lead you to a lush forest with a small, inviting patch of grass at its center. Stepping onto this verdant oasis, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with a formidable Goriya, guarding none other than your first Heart Container.

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2. Unlocking More Potential: The Power of the Hammer

Zelda 2: Finding All Heart Containers 2
  • Location: Midoro Swamp Cave

Heart Container #2 awaits those who have obtained the mighty Hammer. This powerful tool can shatter even the toughest obstacles. Start your journey by heading south from the bustling Town of Rauru.

There, you’ll discover a boulder that stands in your way. With the Hammer in your possession, obliterate this rocky impediment. Continue your exploration by clearing the cave entrance located to the right of the shattered boulder. Inside this mysterious cavern, persevere until you reach its very end. There, concealed amidst the shadows, lies Heart Container #2.

3. Swift as the Wind: The Importance of Speed

Zelda 2: Finding All Heart Containers 3
  • Location: North of the Palace on the Sea

Heart Container #3 beckons those who have acquired the Boots, granting them the gift of unparalleled speed. Setting out from the bustling Harbor Town of Mido, embark on a journey eastward into the endless ocean.

Your destination? The Palace on the Sea, a shimmering mirage on the horizon.

As you approach, a peculiar phenomenon occurs. Suddenly, you find yourself able to walk northward, defying the laws of nature. Follow this mystical path, heading eastward, until you stumble upon a breathtaking scene that cradles the coveted Heart Container in its embrace.

4. A Harmonious Melody: Unveiling the Flute’s Secret

Zelda 2: Finding All Heart Containers 4
  • Location: East of Three Eye Rock

Heart Container #4 is the reward for those who have acquired the magical Flute. To find this hidden treasure, make your way eastward from the serene village of Kasuto. Along the southeast coast of this region, you’ll encounter a trio of colossal rocks arranged in a curious triangular formation.

Traverse the coastline with determination until you chance upon a mysterious screen. Here, shrouded in mystery, you’ll discover the longed-for Heart Container, ready to bolster your resilience.


In The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, knowing how to harness the power of save points is essential to mastering the game’s challenges. Each Heart Container you acquire not only enhances your vitality but also brings you one step closer to triumph.

As you navigate the perilous landscapes of Hyrule, remember these locations and the conditions necessary to claim your rewards. With your newfound knowledge, may your adventures be filled with success and your legend live on for generations to come.

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