22 Worst NES Games of All Time

What is the worst NES game of all time?

The NES library contained some amazing gems, but it also had some dark corners. Not every artistic endeavour can endure the test of time, as with any artistic medium.

Our exploration of the NES gaming industry will highlight the games that fell short, confusing, frustrating, and even making you second-guess your game preferences.

Intrepid explorers, get ready as we showcase the infamous 22 games that reached the lowest points of notoriety in the NES world.

These games tested the fortitude and determination of even the most patient players, from clumsy controls to perplexing level design.


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22. Conan

Worst NES Games Conan

Conan the Barbarian carved his way through Robert E. Howard’s sword and sorcery stories long before Hollywood brought the bulky warrior to life on the silver screen. It was only a matter of time until the well-known character made an appearance in the realm of video games, and the NES adaption tried to convey the ferocious attitude of Conan.

Conan’s combat system is one of the main factors contributing to its reputation as one of the worst NES games. We experienced some seriously annoying hit detection flaws and poor responsiveness as we swung the pixelated sword. Battles that ought to have been exciting and fulfilling became tedious as each swordsman’s blow failed to make the impression that a renowned warrior should have.

Give it about 5 minutes before you’ll want to smash your controller through that CRT of yours.

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