What Can A Hacked Switch Do?

The Nintendo Switch is a wonderful console that is part home console and part mobile handheld, selling more Nintendo consoles other than the Nintendo DS, Gameboy and Color portables. We know that the Switch will eventually be replaced with a new console to date, it’s only a guess whether Nintendo replaces the Switch with a full home console or goes the semi portable route similar to the Wii U.

Given the ability to mod a Nintendo Switch (otherwise known as installing a custom firmware CFW or jailbreaking the device). The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic device to install this on given it’s powerful hardware and excellent library of games to choose from.


Running Emulators

The Nintendo Switch Online platform does give you a variety of NES and Super NES games that you can choose from that run on the Nintendo Switch console. These games are a good variety of platformers, sports, adventure, even some of the best fledged RPGs have been released for the platform.

While Nintendo does offer a great product for playing your retro games on the go or on the big screen TV, some great titles have been excluded and may never see the light of day through Nintendo due to licensing issues or we simply may never see the full library of SNES or NES games as part of a subscription model. This is where the world of emulation comes into play. Imagine being able to play your favorite games that you wish were available on the Nintendo Switch Online platform.

The use of the

Installing Cheats

With the use of the app EdiZon, you can install various cheats for over 600+ supported Switch games. Let’s say your playing Zelda and somehow ran out of arrows and don’t feel like farming for more. All you have to do is pull up your cheat menu and enable the infinite arrow cheat to max out the amount of arrows you can carry!

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