15 Most Underrated NES Games of all time!

Are you sick of playing the same old NES classic games over and over?

It’s time to try something new and get out of your comfort zone. The NES had so many great games available for the console, why not look for some of the more undiscovered ones available.

We’ll be looking at the best underrated NES games that deserve more love and attention. So, join us on a nostalgic trip as we discover hidden gems that have been overshadowed by their more popular equivalents.

This article is your guide to the undervalued classics of the NES period, whether you’re a retro gaming fanatic trying to extend your collection or an inquisitive gamer eager to explore the foundations of video game history.

From action-adventure epics to lesser-known platformers, we’ve explored the NES library for the best-kept secrets.

Prepare to embark on amazing expeditions, combat intriguing creatures, and discover long-forgotten mysteries of retro gaming.


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15. Rockin Cats

Underrated NES Games Rockin Cats

The plot of Rockin Cats centres around Muggsy, a cool cat who embarks on a mission to save his girlfriend from the hands of the wicked Big Boss.

The levels are organised in the style of a cartoon show, with each level representing an episode.

Assisting Muggsy in completing each level in order to save his girlfriend and defeat the Big Boss.

Underrated NES Games Rockin Cats 2

Even though there are only 5 stages in the game, 4 of which you can choose the ordder. Don’t let that put you off though, they’re extremely long and super challenging to the eye test.

You won’t have an easy time making your way through Rockin Cats that’s for sure!

Power Blade lets you choose the level order you wish to play in, throwing your main weapon the boomerang at enemies. Powering up your boomerang will let you throw further and reach different areas you otherwise wouldn’t

We also liked the grenade power up that acts as a screen clear all attack, extremely useful for those hard boss fights.


These are just a few instances of underappreciated NES games that should be given more credit.

The universe of NES games is a treasure mine of undiscovered treasures. While iconic titles such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda have earned their place in the spotlight, there is a rich collection of underappreciated NES games that sometimes go overlooked.

These games may not have earned the same amount of acclaim or fame as others, but they provide unique gameplay experiences, compelling tales, and nostalgic appeal.

Whether you’re a fan of old gaming or looking for something new to try, these games provide a unique and engaging experience that has stood the test of time.

So, dust out your NES and try out these hidden gems!

These are all of the underrated games we’ve covering in today’s article:

  1. Power Blade
  2. Little Samson
  3. Shatterhand
  4. Crystalis
  5. Journey to Silius
  6. Kick Master
  7. The Guardian Legend
  8. Metal Storm
  9. Darkwing Duck
  10. Vice: Project Doom

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