30 Turbografx Best Games, You Won’t Want To Miss

Are you ready to embark on a nostalgic journey through gaming history?

Look no farther than the TurboGrafx, a 16-bit machine that carved itself its own niche.

Today, we explore the amazing world of the best TurboGrafx games, where timeless classics and hidden gems await ardent gamers.

Before we get into the games, let’s take a time to appreciate the TurboGrafx console’s significance.

The TurboGrafx (known as the PC Engine in Japan) was debuted in 1987 by NEC Corporation and stood out with its stylish look, unique features, and a library of titles that won the hearts of gamers worldwide.


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30. Ys Book I & II

Turbografx Best Games Ys Book I & II

Ys Book I & II features amazing graphics that transcend their era. Each setting is brilliantly created, immersing you in a world of awe-inspiring wonders, from verdant forests to towering castles and perilous dungeons.

The intricately created settings and beautiful character sprites lend depth and charm to the overall gaming experience, making every moment aesthetically captivating.

Turbografx Best Games Ys Book I & II 2

The game’s soundtrack, written by Yuzo Koshiro, transports you to a realm of magic and emotion. Each music sets the tone for the story as it unfolds, enhancing the suspense during violent battles and inspiring awe as you explore the immense vistas.

The powerful fighting mechanics and fascinating storyline stand out as indisputable qualities among the numerous likes of Ys Book I & II.

The seamless blend of action and RPG components produces a compelling gameplay cycle that will keep gamers occupied for hours.

The TurboGrafx console and its game library made an unforgettable mark on the gaming industry. From pinball adventures to prehistoric platforming and explosive multiplayer combat, these great TurboGrafx games have something for everyone, whether you’re looking for nostalgia or new discoveries.

Allow us to enter the world of TurboGrafx and enjoy the exciting gameplay, unforgettable characters, and original concepts that have stood the test of time. Grab your controller, boot up the console, and prepare to relive the glory days of TurboGrafx.

Here are all of the amazing games that made the list of the best Turbografx games ever:

  1. Alien Crush
  2. Bonk’s Adventure
  3. Bomberman ’93
  4. Cadash
  5. Chase H.Q.
  6. Chew Man Fu
  7. China Warrior
  8. Devil’s Crush
  9. Dragon Spirit
  10. Dungeon Explorer
  11. Galaga ’90
  12. Gate of Thunder
  13. Gradius
  14. J.J. & Jeff
  15. Legendary Axe
  16. Military Madness
  17. Neutopia
  18. New Adventure Island
  19. Ninja Spirit
  20. Parasol Stars
  21. R-Type
  22. Salamander
  23. Splatterhouse
  24. Super Star Soldier
  25. Thunder Blade
  26. Tiger Road
  27. Time Cruise II
  28. World Class Baseball
  29. World Court Tennis
  30. Ys Book I & II

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