Top 10 Hardest Nintendo Bosses (NES)

Zelda NES

The Nintendo Entertainment System brought us countless hours of sitting in front of that TV, making your way throughout each dungeon or stage.

Carefully inching towards that boss, palms sweaty, your mom yelling at you to come eat dinner after slaving for four hours cooking thanksgiving dinner! The sight of the game over screen. All that energy and work, ruined, wasted. There are a ton of options for hard bosses on the NES, here are ten of the hardest Nintendo bosses of all time.


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10. Death – Castlevania

Death - Castlevania NES

Be ready to die over and over again with the death boss. He flies around you in true taunt like fasion, with his scythes chasing you around constantly. Castlevania is one of the hardest NES games of all time!

Now before you even clicked on this video, you probably had an idea that Tyson would be high on this list. Making for a notoriously hard final boss in the rhythm game disguised as a boxing game Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.

Get used to typing in that password, Mike Tyson will knock out Little Mac in one hit. Your timing has to be absolutely perfect during this fight.

The majority of these NES Games can be found on the NES Classic Edition console

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