Spawn (SNES) Review

In the mid 90’s, you would always want to get your hands on the latest and greatest SNES brawler especially in the fall season where some incredible games would drop and be competing for your hard earned coin on that Christmas Wishlist. Spawn being an Acclaim released title in 1995 you would think that spawn was immediately a bad game. Today you’ll find out if the

If you played Spawn on an FX Pak Pro like I did you might notice that if you use save states the game might freeze when transitioning to a new area. This was a total bummer for trying to save my progress, but luckily there’s a password system that I’ll leave in the description so you can advance from stage to stage and there’s even unlimited continues to keep you going. One thing I wanted to mention is the difficulty curve, Spawn is extremely difficult and you’ll have to make use of the variety of moves that he’s got to hopefully cheese out some areas or bosses like I did. I found myself rushing towards the last section of the stage to hopefully avoid dying just to make sure I would progress. Take a look at this section where the Spawn is upside down. I found myself turning my head upside down to make it past this past, imagine how dizzy I was when flipped my head back up.

Spawn does have it’s downfalls, it’s still just a beat em up and doesn’t have much else going on as you make your way through the game. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because of the variety of moves and the presentation that comes along with Spawn. If you’re a comic book fan or are just tired of the same old beat em ups like Final Fight, Maximum Carnage or Batman Returns then spawn is a great alternative to scratch that beat em up itch you might have on the SNES.


Ultimately, the SNES Spawn game does bring something fresh to the otherwise bland genre of beat em ups. Considering the massive amount of wall jumping or cape gliding it’s got available to you to go thorough and explore. If I had to put Spawn somewhere on the list of best super hero beat em ups, I would say that it might not be as good as lets say Maximum Carnage but more along the lines of The Death and Return of Superman or The Adventures of Batman and Robin.

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