17 Best SNES Shooting Games, Revisit the Golden Age of Shmups!

The SNES was a revolutionary machine that raised the bar for console gaming when it debuted in the early 1990s. The SNES’s extensive game library included a variety of engaging shooting games that broke new ground in the category. Shmups, which stands for shoot ’em up, are the video games that offer players heart-pounding challenges and thrilling gameplay features.

The SNES has everything, from horizontally scrolling oldies to vertically scrolling shooters. Players might engage in thrilling dogfights, massive space battles, or even the defence of Earth from extraterrestrial invasions with a variety of games. Every game added a different touch to the genre, guaranteeing an exciting experience.

An incredible selection of enduring shooting games were available for the SNES. Gradius III is one of the standout games that merits special note. Players were enthralled by this Konami classic’s difficult level layout, potent upgrades, and memorable boss fights. Super R-Type, another well-liked game, utilised the console’s maximum graphics potential to immerse players in a visually spectacular sci-fi journey.


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17. Märchen Adventure Cotton 100%

SNES Shooting Games Cotton

The shmup mix is offered with a distinctive twist in Märchen Adventure Cotton 100%. The gameplay is given a new and amusing twist when players control Cotton on her broomstick rather than the customary spaceship. The physics of the broomstick’s mobility and its capacity for multiple-direction shooting offer an element of strategy and complexity to the play.

There are numerous power-ups and spells in the game that may be gathered and used. Players can unleash devastating attacks against foes by using these power-ups to increase Cotton’s skills and firepower. Players are kept focused and alert as they go through vibrant and innovative stages thanks to the gameplay’s speed and difficulty.

In U.N. Squadron, players fly strong fighter jets across difficult levels while fending off a variety of foes and engaging in epic boss fights. This game stands out because of the way it combines strategic components with gameplay that is action-packed. Players can choose their aircraft, buy improvements, and hire knowledgeable wingmen prior to each mission, enabling for customised strategy and increasing replay value.

The U.N. Squadron controls are precise and quick, giving you a wonderful sense of control over your aircraft. With waves of adversaries, precise dodging techniques, and carefully thought-out courses, the game moves at an excellent clip. Each stage has its own set of difficulties that must be overcome, and success depends on careful preparation and rapid thinking.


The SNES shooting games are still a monument to the glory days of shmups, even though modern gaming has advanced and pushed the limits of graphics and technology. Both retro enthusiasts and newbies can enjoy the enchantment of these timeless gems thanks to emulators and digital re-releases.

SNES shooting games offer a wonderful voyage into the past, whether you’re an experienced player trying to relive the good old days or an inquisitive beginner keen to explore the roots of the genre. Prepare to enter a world filled with furious action, pixelated precision, and amazing difficulties.

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