6 Best SNES Basketball Games: The Ultimate NBA Experience

Do you long for the days of simplistic yet engaging gaming, with pixelated graphics but unrivalled excitement? Look nowhere else!

In this blog article, we encourage you to travel back in time and discover the world of basketball video games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

Prepare to relive the glory days of gaming and enjoy a thrilling game of virtual basketball in the comfort of your own home.

Get ready to go back in time as we explore some of the most recognizable SNES basketball games ever made.

These games, which ranged from the famed NBA Jam series with its amazing dunks and explosive multiplayer gameplay to the engrossing NBA Give N Go that offered hours of furious rivalry, left players with lasting impressions.

6. Tecmo Super NBA Basketball

Best SNES Basketball Games Tecmo Super NBA Basketball

The gameplay experience in Tecmo Super NBA Basketball is the ideal blend of depth and simplicity. The controls are simple to use, enabling you to move your players around the court, dribble, pass, and shoot with ease. Because the game’s mechanics are simple to understand, both seasoned players and people unfamiliar with the genre can enjoy it. But don’t let the apparent simplicity mislead you; there is a strategic depth hidden beneath the surface that keeps you interested and returning for more.

You can play Tecmo Super NBA Basketball in a variety of game modes to pass the time. The game offers a variety of options, whether you like a brief exhibition game, a challenging full-season campaign, or even an All-Star Game. By controlling player weariness, making trades, and modifying team plans, you can simulate the ups and downs of a basketball season in the season mode. Additionally entertaining is the multiplayer option, which lets you compete against friends and enjoy the rush of direct competition.

It’s a pretty good game if you’re used to games like Tecmo Super Bowl but just in a basketball game. It’s clearly one of the better Basketball game.

5. College Slam

Best SNES Basketball Games College Slam

The fact that authentic collegiate teams and players from the 90s are included in College Slam is one of its attractions. Powerhouse teams like Duke, North Carolina, or Kentucky may be controlled, and you can lead them to success. Each team has its own distinctive strengths and playing style, providing a range of gameplay experiences.

We loved being able to play as the college teams in College Slam. It’s another one of those games that plays as 4 players. You’re basically looking at an NBA Jam ripoff but it still has an element of fun going for it.

4. NCAA Basketball

Best SNES Basketball Games NCAA Basketball

The gameplay in NCAA Basketball is satisfying and finds a good balance between accessibility and strategic nuance. You can play strong defence, pass, shoot, and dribble with ease thanks to the controls’ simplicity. While you must plan moves, arrange screens, and execute accurate passes to fool your opponents, the game mechanics promote teamwork. Every game is competitive and enjoyable because to the AI opponents’ respectable challenge.

To keep you interested, NCAA Basketball offers a variety of game types. Participate in a brief exhibition game to feel the tension of rivalry. Or, start a complete season and lead your team through conference play and competition for an NCAA tournament berth. You can participate in the famous March Madness bracket in the tournament mode, trying to win the overall title. The many game modes offer versatility and may be played for both brief bursts of time and longer, more immersed sessions.

We loved how the Mode 7 graphics adjust as you play the game, simulating the 3d feel, you’ll have to learn to love this one.

3. NBA Give N Go

Best SNES Basketball Games NBA Give N Go

NBA Give N Go’s fast-paced, high-scoring gameplay perfectly embodies the spirit of arcade-style basketball. You may do remarkable skills, such as lightning-fast dribbles, strong dunks, and perfect three-point shots, thanks to the responsive and simple controls. Quick attacking plays and fast breaks dominate the match, which maintains a high level of excitement. NBA Give N Go offers an exhilarating experience, whether you choose to compete against opponents one on one or direct quick team plays.

You can play a variety of game styles on NBA Give N Go to pass the time. Take part in an exhibition game to get some basketball action right away. Play the full-season mode to control your team through an entire NBA season while making tactical choices and pursuing championship success. The game also features a three-point shootout mode where you may test your accuracy against the league’s top shooters. The variety of game options increases replay value and accommodates various playing styles.

Konami made a great game with the behind the player perspective. The pacing is fantastic where you can finish a game in and around 20 minutes or so.

2. NBA Hangtime

Best SNES Basketball Games NBA Hangtime

NBA Hangtime really shines in its multiplayer mode, where you can engage in frantic and intense competition with your pals. Multiplayer sessions are a blast thanks to the fast-paced gameplay and the chance to use fancy moves. On the court, engage in fierce bouts to show off your talents and compete for bragging rights. NBA Hangtime’s multiplayer component adds a tonne of replay value and guarantees hours of enjoyable enjoyment.

NBA Hangtime has vivid visuals that perfectly represent the upbeat and spirited mood of arcade basketball. The courts are visually beautiful and bright, and the player sprites are well-animated and personality-filled. You are fully immersed in the thrilling world of NBA Hangtime thanks to the game’s audio components, which also include the energetic soundtrack and entertaining commentary.

As a later NBA game release on the SNES, you won’t regret picking this one up.

1. NBA Jam

Best SNES Basketball Games NBA Jam

Delivering frantic, high-flying basketball action is the main focus of NBA Jam. Because of the game’s lightning-fast gameplay, you can pull off mind-blowing dunks, unbelievable shots, and amazing alley-oops. Players of all skill levels can play since the controls are intuitive and responsive. The game’s emphasis on daring plays and outrageous movements keeps the heart racing and ensures a thrilling encounter from beginning to end.

The two-on-two gameplay in NBA Jam is one of its distinguishing qualities. You manage a pair of NBA superstars rather than an entire squad. Under this style, the action is more intense and the game’s competitiveness is enhanced.

We loved the witty commentary that the NBA announcers have put out there.

Boom Shaka Laka!


It is essential to recognise and preserve the importance of SNES basketball games in the history of gaming as we go forward technologically. These games shaped the industry and served as inspiration for later generations of game developers, laying the groundwork for the sports games we enjoy today. Let’s honour and commemorate the innovators that inspired our love of virtual basketball.

Basketball SNES games have a unique place in the hearts of gamers everywhere. They continue to amaze both seasoned gamers and newbies alike with their distinct appeal, addicting gameplay, and multiplayer excitement.

So get your controllers out of storage, embrace your memories, and set out on a trip that will take you back to a time when gaming was pure joy.

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