Should I Buy A Gameboy in 2023?

It’s 2023 and you’re tired of scrolling through endless repeats of your favorite TV show on Twitch or YouTube and wondered if you should buy a Gameboy. Maybe you weren’t old enough when the Gameboy was around to own one or whether or not it would be outright fun to own one.


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Portability plays a big part on whether or not you want to own a Gameboy. This is because some people still love playing their Gameboy among other consoles. The Gameboy is a great gaming machine if you’re looking for something on the go and also kid friendly while still being able to play some great games as the years have passed by.

The Gameboy has been used for some really cool things, a camera, printer, even a full blown music machine.

The Gameboy Design

Many people ended up buying a Gameboy for it’s unique design. Starting the console up and seeing the Gameboy logo sliding down the screen with the ping noise it makes takes us back to a simpler time where was simple and you had not a worry in the world.

The design of the DMG Gameboy fit so comfortably in your hand. Now a days technology has gotten more compact as the time goes by. It was great to see a device like the Gameboy be so bulky and comfortable.

Which GameBoy Should I Buy?

If you’re wondering which Gameboy revision is best for you, first we have to weigh in on the different models of Gameboys that were released

Game Boy DMG

Game Boy/Play it Loud! Series (DMG-01)

This is the classic Gameboy shell with the monochromatic display. This will play everything except Gameboy Color games and takes 4 AA batteries in order to run. In 1995 the Play it Loud! Series came brought new shells to the Gameboy and came in the following colors:

  • Red (1995)
  • Black (1995)
  • Clear (Transparent, 1995)
  • Green (1995)
  • Yellow (1995)
  • White (1995, Japan only)
  • Blue (1995, Europe only)

Top Game Boy Games to Play

  • Tetris is a great place to start for a Gameboy game to play. Such a simple puzzle game, connecting four lines together and getting a Tetris is sheer gaming perfection.
  • Dr Mario is also another great puzzle game on the go. Take care of those nasty viruses. I wouldn’t be surprised if many pharmacists went into the industry with their Gameboy in hand.
  • Hunt down Metroids in Metroid II: Return of Samus. A game that was so popular at the time, it’s spinoff unofficial fan made remakes from the ground up.
  • And how can we forget Pokemon and Zelda: Link’s Awakening as other great games on the Gameboy.

How much is a Game Boy Worth?

the worth of a Gameboy will vary based on model, condition of the device and accessories or whether or not it comes complete in box (CIB).

Gameboy Color handheld consoles can be had for roughly the same price as the Gameboy Pocket.

We recommend this over the Gameboy Pocket considering they both share the same price but you’ll have the advantage of the enhanced library to choose from.

  • Gameboy Advance consoles start at $100 for the original model and $80 for the GBA SP.
  • Expect to pay upwards of $200 for an AGS-101 which includes the brighter screen.

How much did the Game Boy Color cost?

  • The Game Boy Colour had a suggested retail price of $69.99 when it was originally made available in the US in 1998.
  • The real cost, however, changed based on the merchant and any discounts or promotions that could have been provided.
  • As the Game Boy Advance gained popularity later in its existence, the cost of the Game Boy Colour was reduced to between $49.99 and $59.99.

Is Game Boy Color Discontinued?

  • Yes, the Game Boy Colour has been out of production since the Game Boy Advance took its place in 2003.
  • However, there are still a number of online sites and used shops where you can buy used Game Boy Colour systems and games.

What is the rarest Game Boy Color?

The Pokémon Centre New York version of the Game Boy Colour, which was a limited edition console produced in 1999 to honor the opening of the Pokémon Centre shop in New York City, is said to be the rarest model.

The console has the store’s emblem on both the front and back in a yellow and blue color scheme. Since just 1000 copies are said to have been made, it is highly prized among collectors.


It is absolutely worth buying a Game Boy years after it was released. With so many classic titles you can choose from, it’ll keep you going for years to come. With so many revisions and color variations to choose from, you might someday end up with a collection of Game Boy Colors.

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