Ristar (Sega Genesis) Review

Platformers come in all shapes and sizes, from the slightly overweight plumber in Mario, the blue bomber that Capcom has in their corner, even the mighty hedgehog that the blast processing has behind them.

Some of these characters jump on goomba’s heads, use boss powerups or spin so fast it will make your head hurt. But if you told me a star like character would be any good back in 1995, I’d probably laugh in your face. Today you’ll find out if Ristar on the Sega Genesis is worth playing today.


I had a blast making my way through Ristar and if you’re reading this article, I cannot stress it enough, find a copy of Ristar, it’s been ported everywhere from The Nintendo Switch, Windows, Android or iPhone and experience the masterpiece that is Ristar because it’s one of the best games released on the Sega genesis.

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