10 Best Resident Evil Fan Games, Worth Checking Out in 2023!

Welcome to a spine-tingling journey through the eerie world of Resident Evil fan games!

You’re in for a treat if you’re a die-hard fan of the well-known survival horror series. We’re going deep into the world of fan-made Resident Evil games in this article. These games combine passion, imagination, and a fair dosage of terror to create memorable experiences that both pay homage to the original series and provide something new and original.

Imagine being confined to a dimly illuminated home where hideous animals are prowling in the darkness. Your spine tingles when you hear footsteps in the distance and ominous door creaking.

You’re playing a fan-made masterpiece instead of an official Resident Evil game, but hold on! These recreations of the Resident Evil series, created by ardent fans, capture its spirit and immerse players in a world of ruthless survival and perplexing puzzles.

So, grab your flashlight, check your ammo, and let’s embark on a thrilling adventure into the world of Resident Evil fan games.


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10. Resident Evil: Cold Blood

Best Resident Evil Fan Games Resident Evil: Cold Blood

In the world of Resident Evil: Cold Blood, it seems like running, sprinting, and fleeing for your life is all you’ve ever done.

Your daily routine consists of the constant search of survival, and who could blame you in a world filled with terrible abominations and zombies?

It all began innocently enough with what seemed to be a simple cold or flu. But, these minor issues suddenly seem insignificant in comparison to the horrors that relentlessly approach you from every angle and hide in every corner.

Taking out these horrible beings?

That’s certainly easier said than done. You only have a rusty old pipe clenched in quivering hands after the last gun you found ran out of precious ammunition hours ago. It’s not exactly the best tool for taking out the undead.

When all hope seems lost, you suddenly see a glimmer of hope in the distance: an old inn similar to those you may see on a lonesome highway. Even though you’ve travelled far from the city, the main building’s door is still standing open and invitingly wide. Hope begins to fade as you slowly approach, only to be extinguished when the door slams shut with a terrifying sense of finality.

The story-driven co-op online game Cold Blood is not just another game; it is set in the terrifying Resident Evil universe. You’ll go to some of the series’ well-known locations as well as a few new ones that will give you the chills. You’ll encounter a relentless bombardment of animals, including frightening Hunters, horrifying Giant Spiders, and, of course, the ever-present zombie horde, armed with weapons you never imagined possessing.

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