Rarest and Most Expensive NES Games

As more and more steam is added to the retro gaming train, fueled by nostalgia driving prices to astronomical prices it’s become suddenly lucrative to be a retro game collector. It’s no surprise that the NES library offers a high price tag for some of the more uncommon games. Was it because kids born in the 1980’s and 1990’s have more dispensable income to spare? Was it because of the mom or dad that put your beloved NES in a box and shipped it over to the local thrift shop with the rest of your vintage toys?


In 1990, Nintendo held a competition around the USA to find the best NES gamers. Kids growing up in the late 80’s would dream about making it to the Nintendo World Championships and proving their superiority. The event finalists of the tournament received a grey cartridge (90 were produced). While those grey copies are some of the most expensive NES games, they are nothing to the 26 gold copies handed out at a Nintendo Power contest.

Considering the lack of copies available and lack of exchanging hands, the next time a Nintendo World Championship cart is made available, it could see a price tag of $1,000,000

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