25 Best Old 2000 Toys, That Are Worth Your While

There is something particularly endearing about revisiting the toys of the early 2000s in this fast-paced digital world, where cutting-edge technology and virtual realities have become the standard.

Many people have a special place in their hearts for these antique treasures, which evoke feelings of delight and nostalgia.

Join us for a nostalgic journey through time as we explore the top toys from the year 2000 that continue to fascinate both young and young-at-heart.


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25. Microsoft Xbox

Old 2000 Toys Microsoft Xbox

The gaming industry underwent a dramatic revolution in the early 2000s, and the Microsoft Xbox was a key factor in this change. Despite the fact that gaming consoles were nothing new, the Xbox heralded a new era of interactive gameplay. It brought gaming to a whole new level with its potent technology and cutting-edge visuals. Xbox Live’s debut changed online gaming by bringing users from all over the world together and establishing a feeling of community.

With the launch of Xbox Live, the Microsoft Xbox evolved from a simple game device into a gateway to an online multiplayer gaming universe. Players could engage in ferocious combat or team assignments while interacting with both friends and strangers. Xbox Live’s social features added to the console’s appeal and helped it become a fixture in the lives of many gamers.

Heelys, the shoes with built-in wheels that made it easy to switch from walking to gliding, added a spark of excitement to routine tasks. Children could roll and glide with ease when using Heelys, which added a feeling of wonder to their movement and transformed any surface into an adventurous landscape.


Oh, the nostalgia of the early 2000s! A decade filled with delightful toys that brought endless joy and wonder to our lives.

These beloved classics have withstood the test of time and continue to delight those who have played with them and provide joy to new generations.

So let’s continue to enjoy the beauty of play and imagination they stand for while cherishing the memories we have of our PS2 game consoles, Rip Sticks, and Bop-Its.

Let’s keep in mind that the best old 2000 toys will always hold a special place in our hearts, reminding us that the power of play and wonder knows no bounds as we embrace nostalgia and rediscover the delight of our favourite childhood toys.

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