11 Best Metroid Fan Games, Worth Checking Out in 2023!

You might be wondering what is the best Metroid fan game of all time?

If you’re like us, you’ve probably experienced a rush of adrenaline when guiding Samus Aran through the perilous passageways of Planet Zebes or facing the unknown on the unsettling world of Tallon IV. The Metroid franchise unquestionably created a lasting impression on the gaming industry by engrossing our hearts and brains for years.

But did you know that beyond the official releases, there exists a thriving galaxy of fan-created Metroid games that rival even the classics?

We’ll go deeply into the world of Metroid fan games in this cosmic journey, revealing a realm overflowing with fervour, ingenuity, and dedication. You’re in for a treat whether you’ve played Metroid before or are just wearing your power suit. We’ll go into the captivating depths of these games, their history, the creative minds behind them, and the reasons they’ve grown to be a crucial part of the Metroid legacy.

Be ready to start on a trip that will not only rekindle your passion for this legendary series but also introduce you to an altogether new dimension inside it by grabbing your arm cannon, equipping your reliable Morph Ball, and firing off. Fasten your seatbelts because we’re about to take off into the galaxy of Metroid fan games, where the sky’s the limit.


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10. Metroid Planets

Best Metroid Fan Games Metroid Planets

Metroid Planets is a painstakingly created reinterpretation of the NES classic rather than merely a remake. Samus Aran, our favourite protagonist, has improved movement, which is one of the striking characteristics. Expect improved controls, increased agility, and a more dynamic gameplay environment overall. But that’s only the very beginning.

The lack of a saving system can be a big pain in the realm of retro NES games. This problem is addressed in Metroid Planets by adding a saving system that enables players to resume where they left off, doing away with the necessity for tedious code memorization or hurried note-taking. Now, without having to be concerned about losing ground, you may explore the fascinating Metroid universe at your own pace.

The name Metroid Planets isn’t just for show; it’s a nod to the game’s fascinating feature—a variety of maps to explore.

Here’s a quick tour of what awaits you:

  • Planet Zebeth: This map is a lovingly crafted remake of the original Metroid. Get ready to revisit familiar terrain and confront the iconic challenges that first captured our hearts.
  • Planet Novus: If you crave something new, Planet Novus is here to deliver. With fresh bosses, uncharted areas, and unexpected twists, it offers a completely original Metroid experience that will keep you on your toes.
  • Planet Enigma: Now, here’s where things get intriguing. Choosing Planet Enigma leads you to a room creator and a map generator. Imagine having the power to craft your own Metroid world, filled with the challenges and mysteries you design. For added creativity, the game’s Discord channel offers room packs for download, as well as a platform for showcasing your very own creations.

Prime 2D is a labour of passion that meticulously captures the spirit of the adored Metroid Prime series; it is not just another fan game. You’ll be taken back to the fascinating world of Samus Aran as soon as you start your trip, complete with the creepy settings, challenging level layouts, and strange landscapes that made the original games renowned. It pays a sincere tribute to the Metroid Prime games.

The length of Prime 2D is one distinctive feature. It’s a brief experience—about 20 minutes—in comparison to the grandiose journeys of the canonical Metroid games. This brevity doesn’t lessen the beauty of the game, though. In actuality, it’s one of its advantages. A brief and action-packed excursion is provided by Prime 2D, making it ideal for quick gaming sessions or a walk down memory lane.


The continuing love and commitment that fans have for this legendary series is demonstrated through the Metroid fan games. These are expressions of affection that have been painstakingly created to capture the spirit of the Metroid universe; they are not merely imitations.

These games provide players the chance to experience the action of the original works while taking on novel twists, alternative plots, and interesting challenges.

We have seen how these games pay homage to the classics and, in some cases, even surpass them in terms of invention and ingenuity as we have studied the fan-made jewels like Prime 2D.

They demonstrate that brilliant ideas may originate from anyone, and the Metroid community continues to be a shining example of this.

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