How Many Blocks Are In Minecraft? (2023 Edition)

Since its release, players have enjoyed playing the engaging sandbox game Minecraft. You might be wondering, how many total blocks are in Minecraft? We’ll have you covered, originally there were only 30 blocks in Minecraft.

Players have made many incredible and beautiful things, like SMPs, Gigantic Builds, RPG Realms, Redstone Machines, and more.

It has a 2D Pixels look in a 3D game. There is a sizable library in Minecraft full of all kinds of Blocks and Items, each with a special function.

We will concentrate on Blocks in this article because they are crucial game components.

We’ll walk you through all of the game’s various building blocks and give you a detailed list of all the blocks in Minecraft.

Consequently, let’s explore the fascinating world of Minecraft Blocks!

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How Many Blocks are in Minecraft? List of Blocks Minecraft

How Many Blocks are in Minecraft? List of Blocks Minecraft

There are around 820 blocks in Minecraft, and each one is distinct and belongs to a particular category. The four primary types of blocks are:

  • Building
  • Decoration
  • Redstone
  • Transportation

This number will only rise when fresh updates are released. Here is a thorough list of Blocks in each heading:

Building Blocks

Building Blocks Minecraft

Building Blocks are the most common type of Blocks in Minecraft. They are used to create structures, such as houses, bridges, castles, and more.

There are over 200 Building Blocks in Minecraft.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly used Building Blocks:

Building Blocks

  • Acacia Fence
  • Acacia Log
  • Acacia Planks
  • Acacia Slab
  • Acacia Stairs
  • Acacia Wood
  • Ancient Debris
  • Andesite
  • Andesite Slab
  • Andesite Stairs
  • Andesite Wall
  • Barrel
  • Beehive
  • Basalt
  • Bedrock
  • Birch Fence
  • Birch Log
  • Birch Planks
  • Birch Slab
  • Birch Stairs
  • Birch Wood
  • Bookshelf
  • Blackstone
  • Blackstone Slab
  • Blackstone Stairs
  • Blackstone Wall
  • Brick Slab
  • Brick Stairs
  • Brick Wall
  • Bricks
  • Campfire
  • Chest
  • Chiseled Nether Bricks
  • Chiseled Polished Blackstone
  • Chiseled Stone Brick
  • Cobblestone
  • Cobblestone Slab
  • Cobblestone Stairs
  • Cobblestone Wall
  • Composter
  • Crimson Fence
  • Cracked Nether Bricks
  • Cracked Polished Blackstone Bricks
  • Cracked Stone Brick
  • Crimson Hyphae
  • Crimson Planks
  • Crimson Slab
  • Crimson Stairs
  • Crimson Stem
  • Crying Obsidian
  • Dark Oak Fence
  • Dark Oak Logs
  • Dark Oak Planks
  • Dark Oak Slabs
  • Dark Oak Stairs
  • Dark Oak Wood
  • Jungle Fence
  • Jungle Logs
  • Jungle Planks
  • Dark Prismarine
  • Dark Prismarine Slab
  • Dark Prismarine Stairs
  • Diorite
  • Diorite Slab
  • Diorite Stairs
  • Diorite Wall
  • End Stone
  • End Stone Brick Slab
  • End Stone Brick Stairs
  • End Stone Brick Wall
  • End Stone Bricks
  • Gilded Blackstone
  • Glowstone
  • Granite
  • Granite Slab
  • Granite Stairs
  • Granite Wall
  • Infested Chiseled Stone Bricks
  • Infested Cobblestone
  • Infested Cracked Stone Bricks
  • Infested Mossy Stone Bricks
  • Infested Stone
  • Infested Stone Bricks
  • Jungle Stairs
  • Jungle Wood
  • Oak Door
  • Oak Fence
  • Mossy Cobblestone
  • Mossy Cobblestone Slab
  • Mossy Cobblestone Stairs
  • Mossy Cobblestone Wall
  • Mossy Stone Brick Slab
  • Mossy Stone Brick Stairs
  • Mossy Stone Brick Wall
  • Mossy Stone Bricks
  • Nether Brick Fence
  • Nether Brick Slab
  • Nether Brick Stairs
  • Nether Brick Wall
  • Nether Bricks
  • Oak Log
  • Oak Planks
  • Oak Slab
  • Oak Stairs
  • Oak Wood
  • Scaffolding
  • Obsidian
  • Polished Andesite
  • Polished Andesite Slab
  • Polished Andesite Stairs
  • Polished Basalt
  • Polished Blackstone
  • Polished Blackstone Brick Slab
  • Polished Blackstone Brick Stairs
  • Polished Blackstone Brick Wall
  • Polished Blackstone Bricks
  • Polished Blackstone Button
  • Polished Blackstone Pressure Plate
  • Polished Blackstone Slab
  • Polished Blackstone Stairs
  • Polished Blackstone Wall
  • Polished Diorite
  • Polished Diorite Slab
  • Polished Diorite Stairs
  • Polished Granite
  • Polished Granite Slab
  • Polished Granite Stairs
  • Prismarine
  • Prismarine Brick Slab
  • Prismarine Brick Stairs
  • Prismarine Bricks
  • Prismarine Slab
  • Prismarine Stairs
  • Prismarine Wall
  • Quartz Bricks
  • Quartz Pillar
  • Quartz Slab
  • Quartz Stairs
  • Red Nether Brick Slab
  • Red Nether Brick Stairs
  • Red Sandstone Slab
  • Red Sandstone Stairs
  • Red Sandstone Wall
  • Red nether Bricks
  • Sandstone
  • Sandstone Slab
  • Sandstone Stairs
  • Sandstone wall
  • Smoker
  • Smooth Quartz Block
  • Smooth Quartz Slab
  • Smooth Quartz Stairs
  • Smooth Red Sandstone
  • Smooth Red Sandstone Slab
  • Smooth Red Sandstone Stairs
  • Smooth Sandstone
  • Smooth Sandstone Slab
  • Smooth Sandstone Stairs
  • Smooth Stone
  • Smooth Stone Slab
  • Soul Campfire
  • Spruce Fence
  • Spruce Log
  • Spruce Planks
  • Spruce Slab
  • Spruce Stairs
  • Spruce Wood
  • Stripped Acacia Log
  • Stone
  • Stone Stairs
  • Stripped Acacia Wood
  • Stripped Birch Log
  • Stripped Birch Wood
  • Stripped Crimson Hyphae
  • Stripped Crimson Stem
  • Stripped Dark Oak Log
  • Stripped Dark Oak Wood
  • Stripped Jungle Log
  • Stripped Jungle Wood
  • Stripped Oak Log
  • Stripped Oak Wood
  • Stripped Spruce Log
  • Stripped Spruce Wood
  • Stripped Warped Hyphae
  • Stripped Warped Stem
  • Warped Fence
  • Warped Slab
  • Warped Stairs
  • Wared Stem

Decorative Blocks in Minecraft

Decorative Blocks in Minecraft

A wide range of Minecraft blocks known as decorative blocks are employed largely for aesthetic purposes and to give diversity to structures. Players may build complex, elaborate, and detailed buildings that are one-of-a-kind and personalised thanks to the variety of materials, colours, forms, and sizes available for these blocks.

Along with created blocks like signs, flags, and even carved pumpkins, decorative blocks can also incorporate things like flowers, plants, coral, and other natural features. While certain ornamental building pieces, like stained glass or concrete, bring colour and brightness to a structure, others, like chiselled stone or quartz pillars, add texture and dimension.

Players have countless choices for personalising their Minecraft landscapes and building amazing structures because there are so many different decorative blocks accessible.

Decorative Blocks

  • Acacia Leaves
  • Acacia Sapling
  • Allium
  • Acacia Sign
  • Anvil
  • Azure Bluet
  • Bamboo
  • Bamboo Shoot
  • Beetroots
  • Bee Nest
  • Birch Leaves
  • Birch Sapling
  • Blue Ice
  • Blue Orchid
  • Birch Sign
  • Blast Furnace
  • Block of Iron
  • Bone Block
  • Brain Coral
  • Brain Coral Block
  • Brain Coral Fan
  • Brown Mushroom
  • Brown Mushroom Block
  • Bubble Coral
  • Bubble Coral Block
  • Bubble Coral Fan
  • Cactus
  • Carrots
  • Carved Pumpkin
  • Cartography Table
  • Cauldron
  • Chain
  • Chipped Anvil
  • Chorus Flower
  • Chorus Plant
  • Clay
  • Coal Ore
  • Coarse Dirt
  • Cobweb
  • Cocoa
  • Cornflower
  • Crimson Fungus
  • Crafting Table
  • Crimson Nylium
  • Crimson Roots
  • Dandelion
  • Crimson Sign
  • Damaged Anvil
  • Dark Oak Leaves
  • Dark Oak Sapling
  • Dead Brain Coral
  • Dark Oak Sign
  • Dead Brain Coral Block
  • Dead Brain Coral Fan
  • Dead Bubble Coral
  • Dead Bubble Coral Block
  • Dead Bubble Coral Fan
  • Dead Bush
  • Dead Fire Coral
  • Dead Fire Coral Block
  • Dead Fire Coral Fan
  • Dead Horn Coral
  • Dead Horn Coral Block
  • Dead Horn Coral Fan
  • Dead Tube Coral
  • Dead Tube Coral Block
  • Dead Tube Coral Fan
  • Diamond Ore
  • Dirt
  • Emerald Ore
  • Farmland
  • Fern
  • Fire Coral
  • Fire Coral Block
  • Fire Coral Fan
  • Fletching Table
  • Flower Pot
  • Furnace
  • Gold Ore
  • Grass
  • Grass Block
  • Grass Path
  • Gravel
  • Haybale
  • Grindstone
  • Honey Block
  • Honeycomb Brick
  • Horn Coral
  • Horn Coral Block
  • Horn Coral Fan
  • Ice
  • Iron Bars
  • Iron Ore
  • Jungle Leaves
  • Jungle Sapling
  • Jungle Sign
  • Kelp
  • Lapis Lazuli Ore
  • Large Fern
  • Ladder
  • Lantern
  • Lava
  • Lilac
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Lectern
  • Lily Pad
  • Magma Block
  • Melon
  • Lodestone
  • Loom
  • Melon Stem
  • Mushroom Stem
  • Mycelium
  • Nether Gold Ore
  • Nether Quartz Ore
  • Nether Sprouts
  • Nether Wart
  • Nether Wart Block
  • Netherrack
  • Oak Leaves
  • Oak Sapling
  • Orange Tulip
  • Oak Sign
  • Oxeye Daisy
  • Packed Ice
  • Peony
  • Pink Tulip
  • Podzol
  • Poppy
  • Potatoes
  • Pumpkin
  • Pumpkin Stem
  • Red Mushroom
  • Red Mushroom Block
  • Red Sand
  • Red Sandstone
  • Red Tulip
  • Redstone Ore
  • Respawn Anchor
  • Rose Bush
  • Sand
  • Sea Lantern
  • Sea Pickle
  • Seagrass
  • Shroomlight
  • Smithing Table
  • Snow
  • Snow Blocks
  • Soul Lantern
  • Soul Sand
  • Soul Soil
  • Sponge
  • Spruce Leaves
  • Spruce Sapling
  • Sugar Cane
  • Spruce Sign
  • Stonecutter
  • Sunflower
  • Sweet Berry Bush
  • Tall Grass
  • Tall Seagrass
  • Tube Coral
  • Tube Coral Block
  • Turtle Egg
  • Twisting Vines
  • Vines
  • Warped Fungus
  • Warped Roots
  • Warped Wart Block
  • Warped Hyphae
  • Warped Sign
  • Water
  • Weeping Vines
  • Wet Sponge
  • Wheat Crops
  • White Tulip
  • Wither Rose

Transportation Blocks in Minecraft

Transportation Blocks in Minecraft

In order to efficiently move around the expansive game world of Minecraft, players need to have access to transportation bricks. Players may navigate the game environment with the use of these blocks in a rapid, effective, and fashionable manner.

Boats, minecarts, railways, and other forms of transportation are all included in the game Minecraft. In the game world’s various subterranean tunnels and abandoned mineshafts, minecarts work best for getting about, while boats are great for negotiating rivers.

Players may design their own transportation systems using rails, from basic one-way tracks to more intricate networks of interconnected lines. These building elements for transportation are useful, but they also give the game a fun and exciting element.

The transportation blocks in Minecraft provide countless possibilities, whether you’re travelling through unfamiliar ground, moving objects, or competing with others.

Transportation Blocks

  • Boat
  • Boat with Chest
  • Detector Rail
  • Minecart
  • Minecart with Chest
  • Minecart with Furnace
  • Minecart with TNT
  • Powered Rail
  • Rail

Redstone Blocks in Minecraft

Redstone Blocks in Minecraft

Nine bits of redstone dust are combined to create redstone blocks, a particular kind of block in the video game Minecraft. Redstone components like as Redstone lamps, pistons, and doors may be powered by the powerful Redstone signal that Redstone Blocks generate when they are installed.

To build mechanisms, traps, and automated systems, Redstone Blocks are frequently incorporated into intricate Redstone circuits. In addition, they may be utilised to power machines and other Redstone gadgets. Redstone Blocks are a necessary part of the Redstone system in Minecraft and are used in practically all Redstone devices.

Redstone blocks may either be mined using a Silk Touch tool or created through crafting. They may be mined and put like other blocks, but because of their high Redstone signal, pistons cannot push them.

Redstone blocks are an all-around useful and potent tool for Minecraft players that wish to build complicated and complex Redstone contraptions. Players have several options to explore and experiment with thanks to their powerful signal and capacity to power surrounding components.

Redstone Blocks

  • Acacia Button
  • Acacia Door
  • Acacia Fence Gate
  • Acacia Pressure Plate
  • Acacia Trapdoor
  • Activator Rail
  • Birch Button
  • Birch Door
  • Birch Fence Gate
  • Birch Trapdoor
  • Block of Redstone
  • Daylight Detector
  • Dispenser
  • Dropper
  • Lever
  • Crimson Button
  • Crimson Door
  • Crimson Fence Gate
  • Crimson Pressure Plate
  • Crimson Trapdoor
  • Dark Oak Button
  • Dark Oak Fence Gate
  • Dark Oak Pressure Plate
  • Dark Oak Trapdoor
  • Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate
  • Hopper
  • Iron Door
  • Iron Trapdoor
  • Jungle Button
  • Jungle Door
  • Jungle Fence Gate
  • Jungle Pressure Plate
  • Jungle Trapdoor
  • Note Block
  • Oak Button
  • Oak Fence Gate
  • Oak Pressure Plate
  • Oak Trapdoor
  • Polished Blackstone Pressure Plate
  • Spruce Button
  • Spruce Door
  • Spruce Fence Gate
  • Spruce Pressure Plate
  • Spruce Trapdoor
  • Stone Button
  • Stone Pressure Plate
  • Light Weighted Pressure Plate
  • Observer
  • Piston
  • Redstone Comparator
  • Redstone Lamp
  • Redstone Repeater
  • Redstone Torch
  • Redstone Wire
  • Sculk Sensor
  • Sticky Piston
  • Trapped Chest
  • Tripwire Hook
  • Warped Button
  • Warped Door
  • Warped Fence Gate
  • Warped PlanksBirch Pressure Plate
  • Warped Pressure Plate
  • Warped Trapdoor


list of blocks minecraft

The blocks in Minecraft are divided into four categories in this guide:

  • Building
  • Decoration
  • Redstone
  • Transportation

Minecraft is a game with limitless potential, and the variety of blocks it provides lets players unleash their imagination and construct whatever they can think of.

This article will explain the many sorts of blocks in Minecraft and their purposes, whether you are a new or seasoned player.

We really hope that this tutorial has been beneficial to you and that you now have a better knowledge of Minecraft’s enormous variety of blocks.

Now that you have this information, you may explore new options and develop incredible builds that will make your friends and other gamers envy.

Keep in mind that the whole point of Minecraft is to have fun, so use your creativity freely and take full use of the experience!

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