Joe & Mac (Super Nintendo) Series Review

Caveman themed platformers seemed to be all the rage during the 16 bit era. I just don’t get it, Was it because they had weird outfits or beat each other up with clubs

Did the box art really stand out that well among the crowd at your local blockbuster? Some of the most popular caveman games being the Joe and Mac series.

Today you’ll find out which ones of these games are worth playing today.


The settings are extremely colorful, from the mountains in the background to navigating through the volcano or the ice stage

The levels are very short and the core gameplay is centered around the boss fights. I had a good laugh at some of the cool animations the bosses make when they get hit. You get to fight boss after boss after boss!

Although why does the elephant boss lose it’s tusks and trunk when you’re about to finish it?

When you die, you float around as an angel allowing you to pick a safe spot in order to spawn.

Overall I would recommend playing the original Joe and Mac today! It’s very simple to pick up and play and is rather short overall. You can finish it in less than an hour.

Joe and Mac 2, Lost in The Tropics

Joe and Mac 2, Lost in The Tropics

Joe and Mac 2, Lost in The Tropics was actually the third release in the series but I’ll get into that a little later.

This brought a bit more of an adventure game element to the series by allowing you to pick a stage to complete within the overworld.

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