Is The N64 Region Locked?

Do you count yourself among the players who discovered video games on the Nintendo 64 (N64)? You could have then questioned whether or not the N64 is region-locked.

Gamers all across the world have a special place in their hearts for the Nintendo 64, often known as the N64. We were first exposed to ground-breaking 3D visuals and enduring games like Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when it was released in the middle of the 1990s.

The issue of region locking does, however, come up, as it does with many game consoles of the period. We’ll look at whether the N64 is region-locked and what that means for players in this blog article.


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What is region locking?

Let’s first talk about region locking before getting into the specifics of the N64. Device makers utilise this software-based limitation to restrict the usage of their devices to particular areas or nations. Many items, including gaming consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players, and even cellphones, are subject to this ban.

The N64 Region Locking

Regrettably, the Nintendo 64 is region-locked, which means that only games from that area will play on the machine. The N64 is available in four regions: PAL (Europe, Australia, and New Zealand), NTSC-U/C (USA and Canada), and NTSC-J (Japan) (China).

Why is the N64 region-locked?

Why is the N64 region-locked?

Several nations’ adoption of various visual standards and power supply systems is the primary cause of the N64 region lockout. Europe, Australia, and New Zealand utilise the PAL video standard, whereas Japan and North America use the NTSC format. Games made for one system cannot be played on the other due to the incompatibilities between these video standards.

How to play N64 games from different regions?

How to play N64 games from different regions

N64 games from various areas may be played in a few different ways, but each has its own restrictions and difficulties.

You could modify your N64 console as a solution. Modifying your console’s hardware or software will enable you to disable the region-locking function. Modifying your console, though, carries some risk and might violate your warranty.

Using emulators is a different approach. Emulators are computer applications that let you use your computer or smartphone to play N64 games. However, using emulators is illegal and against Nintendo’s policies.

Can North American N64 play Japanese games?

Can North American N64 play Japanese games

There is more to the answer to this query than a simple yes or no. Let’s start by examining the hardware variations between the N64 models sold in North America and Japan.

The N64 was designed to work with various voltages found in various locations. While the N64 in Japan operates on 100 volts, the N64 in North America operates on 120 volts. As a result, there’s a potential that an N64 console from one country won’t start up again when plugged into a power outlet in another region.

The N64 cartridges from North America and Japan also have different physical characteristics. Although having a changed design, the cartridges still fit into the same slot on the console. In order to prevent gamers from using game cartridges from other regions, N64 consoles and N64 cartridges have tabs that match.


The game itself determines whether North American N64 systems and Japanese titles are compatible. The majority of Japanese N64 games are region-locked, which means that only Japanese N64 systems can play them. Nonetheless, certain games were made available in many languages and could be played on any N64 system.

In order to make Japanese games playable on North American consoles, some gamers have tried importing Japanese consoles, customising their North American consoles, and even altering the Japanese games themselves.

Is a Japanese N64 region-locked?

Do Japanese N64s have region locks?

The quick response is yes, it is.

The N64 was created with region-locking in mind, just like other consoles from the time. The only games that would work on a Japanese N64, if you were to buy one, would be those made in Japan.

Can region-locking be bypassed?

While the N64 comes with a region lock, there are ways to get around this restriction. Using a gadget referred to as a “GameShark” or “Action Replay” is one such technique. You may play games from different regions on these consoles by entering codes that unlock the console’s region-locking system.

But, it’s important to remember that utilising these gadgets does have certain hazards. As Nintendo does not officially endorse them, using one might result in technical problems or harm to your console.

Can you play Japanese N64?

Can you play Japanese N64

It’s crucial to first comprehend the variations between the Japanese, North American, and European N64 consoles. The game cartridges are different, even if the system hardware is mostly the same.

Compared to games released in North America and Europe, Japanese games have a different format. As the Japanese games are cartridge-based, they cannot be simply played on an N64 system from the United States or Europe without modification.

Modification Options

You may alter your console in a few different ways to play Japanese games. The most popular choice, known as a “region switch,” is putting a tiny switch within the console that enables you to move between the Japanese and North American or European regions.

To match the voltage used in each zone, this switch modifies the voltage inside the console. Nevertheless, if done improperly, this tweak can be challenging and could harm your console.


Playing Japanese video games using an emulator is an additional choice. Software tools called emulators let you play video games on your PC. An emulator may be used to play a Japanese game that you downloaded.

It’s crucial to remember that depending on the nation you live in, this approach could not be permitted. Additionally, playing games on an emulator may not provide the same experience as playing the game on the original console.

Can you play Japanese N64 games on European N64?

Can you play Japanese N64 games on European N64

Regrettably, Japanese games cannot be played on European N64 systems out of the box. This is because the console has a built-in region lock that stops users from playing any games that are not intended for the European market. If you want to play Japanese N64 games on your European console, all is not lost, though.

How to Play Japanese N64 Games on a European Console

If you want to play Japanese N64 games on your European console, you’ll need to do a bit of extra work. There are a couple of ways to go about this:

Method 1 – Modding your N64 console

You can alter your European N64 system to allow it to play Japanese games if you’re familiar with console hacking.

The console may need to be opened up, the region lock removed, and a new chip or modification installed to enable the system to play Japanese games. While this approach may be useful, it may also be dangerous and, if used incorrectly, may void your warranty.

Method 2 – Using an Adapter

Using an adapter is another way to play Japanese N64 games on a European machine. To connect your Japanese games to your European N64 system, you may buy a variety of adapters from the market. Bypassing the console’s built-in region lock with these adapters, you may play games from any country, including Japan.


As the Nintendo 64 is region-locked, you cannot play games from other regions on the system.

You can get around this restriction and play video games without any restrictions with some creative tinkering and hacking. However keep in mind that utilising emulators and modifications have their own dangers and drawbacks.

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